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Researcher at work in home office; woman sitting at desk with large computer monitor and open laptop in front of her

Pod-sized Science: HWT in the Virtual World

When COVID hit in March 2020, the future of the NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed became unclear. In-person collaboration was off the table. With everyone working from home, could the Spring Experiment survive?

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Four people flying a drone over a field. Pickup truck in the background with NOAA logos on it

Pod-sized Science: Studying Tornado Damage With UAS

“UASes give us a very flexible option to get out and obtain imagery in a timely manner and obtain very high resolution imagery of the damage that tornadoes produce.”

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Spearville wind farm

When Radar Met Wind Farm

It’s always raining near Spearville, Kansas. At least it appears to be when forecasters like Larry Ruthi look at radar displays. Turns out, what looks like thunderstorms are actually rotating turbine blades from a wind farm.

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Flight of the Weather Balloons

“If it ain't broke, don't fix it”. That saying certainly fits weather balloons. Today, the NOAA National Weather Service relies on the same principles established over two centuries ago. Here are the basics: A balloon uses gas to rise to a high altitude.

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Earth, Wind, and Fire Weather

Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the NOAA National Weather Service, fire weather awareness and prevention is an important part of the mission.

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mobile mesonet


This episode of “That Weather Show” from the Norman NOAA Weather Partners includes information about the ground-breaking tornado research project. Includes insights from Lou Wicker and Don Burgess with the NOAA National Severe Storms Lab.

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May 3, 1999 tornado


A ten year retrospective of the May 3, 1999 tornado outbreaks. Includes insight from Dave Andra with the NOAA National Weather Service and Gayland Kitch with the City of Moore Emergency Management and Communications.

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grad student researcher presents at NSSL Science Review

What Career Options are Available to Meteorology Graduates?

A conversation with meteorology professionals, about their job duties and other fields of meteorology graduates can consider.

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Student researchers in VORTEX2

What Do You Need to Know If You're Thinking About Pursuing a Degree in Meteorology?

A conversation with current and recently-graduated meteorology students, about what it's like to pursue a degree in meteorology.

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tornado ahead of traffic on highway

Tornado Safety in a Car

If you're driving on the road and see a tornado or hear a tornado warning over the radio for your location, you need to seek shelter immediately.

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neighborhood devastated by tornado

Tornado Safety at Home

No matter where you are when a tornado approaches, the thing to remember is to take cover..

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road covered by rushing flood waters

Flash Flood Safety in a Car

More than half of all people killed in floods are those in vehicles.

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home in flood waters

Flash Flood Safety at Home

If you live in a low-lying area or near a river, stream, or dam then you need to be prepared to evacuate quickly.

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storm spotter

Storm Spotting

The NWS uses trained spotters on the ground to identify dangerous weather and report that information back to help warn people about threatening storms.

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