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Tornado Safety at Home

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It's time yet again for another podcast of “That Weather Show,” brought to you by the NOAA Weather Partners in Norman, Oklahoma. I'm Rachel Forsyth.

Fact or Myth? You should open the windows in your house when a tornado is coming.

No matter where you are when a tornado approaches, the thing to remember is to take cover! You want to go to an interior room and put as many walls as possible between you and the flying debris. It's the debris that kills and injures most people.

When a tornado warning is issued, take shelter in the lowest part of a well built structure. Underground is best, like in a storm shelter or basement. If that's not available, head to a small, interior bathroom, closet, or hallway.

If you're in a mobile home, you're not safe even in a weak tornado. Leave immediately and head to a nearby shelter.

Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself: Put your shoes on before heading to your safe area. If you have time, grab a helmet to protect your head from flying debris. Get down close to the floor and cover your head with pillows and blankets. Don't wait for a siren. It may not sound before the tornado strikes. Be prepared and stay alert to changing weather conditions. Information about severe weather warnings is available from NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards.

So, what do you think? Fact or Myth? You should open your windows when a tornado is coming. Some people believe it will equalize pressure and minimize damage. However, this is only a myth. If the tornado gets close enough to where you live, it will open the windows for you! Keep your windows closed and stay away from them.

Thanks for listening to another podcast of¬†“That Weather Show,”¬†brought to you by the NOAA Weather Partners in Norman, Oklahoma. I'm Rachel Forsyth.