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STEM Stories, a project to highlight the lives and work of women involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) now includes a profile video on NSSL scientist Pam Heinselman. STEM Stories combines compelling personal stories and multimedia to inspire children in grades 4–8 in STEM subjects and careers.

The video, produced by NSSL's James Murnan, tells Heinselman's story beginning with how she was afraid of raindrops as a child. “As you can see, that fear has turned into a love of weather, and in particular, a love of severe weather,” she said. “My name is Pam Heinselman; I am a research meteorologist, and I am working on the next big thing in weather radar.”

STEM Stories was funded through a grant from the NSF's Research on Gender in Science and Engineering Program. New content is being added every month, including more current and historical photos, profiles, videos, and interactive activities.

This video can also be found on the NOAA Weather Partners YouTube channel.