Research Tools: WSR-88D Mesocyclone and Tornado Signature Case Studies

Below are links to various cases studies depicting WSR-88D observations of mesocyclone and tornado signatures. These cases were compiled by Greg Stumpf, Pat Burke, Christina Hannon and Valerie McCoy, from a number of WSR-88D locations from around the United States. The cases shown on these pages were used for evaluation of NSSL's MDA (Stumpf et al. 1998) and TDA (Mitchell et al. 1998) [these papers are part of the special NEXRAD issue of Wea. Forecasting, June 1998 ].

The purpose of these case studies was to demonstrate examples of thunderstorms containing storm-scale vortices of a variety of strengths and dimensions. With the advent of the nationwide deployment of WSR-88D Doppler radars, it was found that many rotating storms do not fit the “classic” paradigms of supercells and tornadoes that were first hypothesized from Central Oklahoma data. For a complete discussion, consult the papers in the Wea. Forecasting special issue.