NSSL SWAT Case Study - 28 May 1994 Texas Panhandle (LP or not LP?)

One single isolated supercell occurred in the northeast Texas Panhandle near Miami TX on this day. The supercell produced one F1 tornado over open country. The supercell updraft was visible for many miles as a scuplted "barberpole" style updraft, thus leading many to characterize the storm as an LP supercell. As you will see, the storm did not always appear to be LP in nature.

Presented here are various WSR-88D radar images from the Amarillo, TX radar (KAMA).  Included in some of the images is output from NSSL's Mesocyclone Detection Algorithm (MDA). A yellow circle depicts a mesocyclone.  A red-in-yellow circle  indicates the mesocyclone extends to the lowest elevation scan of the radar (exists near or at the base of the storm) where it is a more likely tornado threat.

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