NOAA/National Severe Storms Laboratory

January 13, 1998,
AMS Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona


1) Overview of 1st TIMEx Planning Meeting, 18-19 Nov. 1997, by C. Ziegler

2) Brief hypothesis presentations by interested scientists who were unable to attend the 1st TIMEx planning Meeting. One hypothesis each was presented by D. Kingsmill and K. Knupp, while S. Koch presented three hypotheses. K. Knupp also briefed us on the status of the UAH Mobile Profiler for possible application in TIMEx.

3) An open discussion period. Bob Johns and Paul Janish represented the NOAA/NCEP/Storm Prediction Center, presenting and discussing SPC forecasting problems as these relate to TIMEx. A key conclusion from this excellent summary and discussion is that TIMEx has high relevance to warm season deep convective forecasting efforts at SPC. A discussion on the development of a DIAL water vapor lidar system proposed for TIMEx was lead by Banta, Carlson, Hardesty, Wakimoto, and Wilson. It was concluded that developing a ground-based, mobile scanning DIAL system was feasible for TIMEx, and that planning and development efforts should continue through ongoing collaboration of NCAR and NOAA.


Meeting Participants

R. Johns (SPC) P. Janish (SPC)
R. Wakimoto (UCLA) A. Crook (NCAR)
J. Wilson (NCAR) D. Carlson (NCAR)
P. Hildebrand (NCAR) M. Weisman (NCAR)
S. Koch (NCSU) K. Knupp (UAH)
D. Kingsmill (DRI) R. Banta (ETL)
M. Hardesty (ETL) H. Bluestein (OU)
C. Ziegler (NSSL)