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Please peruse previously submitted hypotheses before sending a new one.
This form sends your TIMEx hypothesis to all members of the TIMEx organizing team for consideration automatically by electronic mail. Please read the following:

  • All hypotheses suggested are subject to review and approval by the TIMEx organizing committee.

  • Please put only ONE hypothesis in each form you submit. If you have additional hypotheses to submit, please submit each one in a new, cleared form. The hypothesis you type in is not sent to the Organizing Team until and unless you click on the Submit button at the bottom of this form.

  • Once a new hypothesis is approved and entered into the hypotheses discussion group by the Organizing Team, anyone may post followup comments to it.

Your hypothesis is sent immediately via electronic mail to all of the TIMEx organizing team members action when you press the Submit to TIMEx Organizing Team button at the bottom of this form. Note that information from this form is not posted on the TIMEx Hypotheses discussion site until your hypothesis has been considered and approved by the Organizing Team. This process may take up to a week.

This submission form is for the use of scientists involved in or interested in the TIMEx field project only. It is not intended for the general public.

General Instructions

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Background: Many have found that providing background to their hypothesis gave the hypothesis useful context. Feel free to include references if you wish.
Hypothesis: Please type your TIMEx hypothesis in the text box below. Or, use the "Cut and Paste" feature on your computer to paste the text from your word processing or email application.
How can this hypothesis be tested?
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