NOAA/National Severe Storms Laboratory

History of TIMEx Planning

Continuing Developments

Plans for New Mobile, Scanning Doppler Radars

A team of partners from NSSL, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and the University of Oklahoma are in the process of fabricating dual C-band dual polarization Doppler radars. Diesel trucks, radar components, and the signal processors have been purchased, and the fabrication of the pedestal-antenna systems is complete. Details will be posted on the web.

Linkages between TIMEx and IHOP-2002

The International H2O Project (IHOP) is planning a major field study to be conducted in the S. Kansas-Oklahoma-NW. Texas area in May-June 2002. The primary aim of the field effort is to examine the horizontal distribution of water vapor over the region and how it relates to clouds, convection, and other processes. A convective initiation/boundaries sub-focus is planned as one element of IHOP, and Conrad Ziegler is playing a key role in helping organize this element. A planning meeting occurred in Boulder on April 1, 1999 for those interested in the experiment. A second meeting took place on February 8, 2000. IHOP-2002 is being led by Dave Parsons NCAR (

Although the scientific goals of IHOP are broader than those of TIMEx, IHOP-2002 will explore a range of convective initiation hypotheses and will provide key observational and infrastructural resources needed to test those hypotheses. A large contingent of investigators with interest in convective initiation and TIMEx are planning to participate in IHOP-2002. One of the subgoals of IHOP-2002 is to collect data to support continued design of the NCAR mobile, scanning water vapor DIAL system, a development of fundamental interest to TIMEx researchers concerned with surface-based initiation processes. It is also possible that IHOP-2002 will present an opportunity to study elevated initiation processes.

NCAR Plans for Mobile, Scanning Water Vapor DIAL

The National Center for Atmsopheric Research (NCAR) has announced plans to develop a mobile scanning water vapor DIAL system, capable of being mounted on aircraft or truck/trailer. Volker Wulfmeyer is the technical lead on the development, and design studies are underway. Latest information suggests that development may require a five year effort.