NOAA/National Severe Storms Laboratory

History of TIMEx Planning


Hypotheses To Be Tested

Interested parties are invited to post VORTEX-style hypotheses for consideration, with emphasis on the resources and experimental design needed to test the hypothesis. Submissions will be posted on the web. Other interested parties may then send criticisms, suggestions, and questions to each hypothesis. These will likewise be posted. These hypotheses will then be categorized and links will be developed to categories, topics, resources, etc.

These web pages are an electronic forum to support continuing TIMEx discussions among all interested parties as a place to "field" testable hypotheses (pun intended; description should include the experimental design and required observational resources), along with the TIMEx mission, listings of plans and timetables, and other related information. The content of the TIMEx web pages will evolve with the development of the program.


Discussions of Hypotheses Submitted So Far

Use the following link to examine hypotheses submitted so far and to participate in discussions about them:

TIMEx Hypotheses


Submission of a New Hypothesis

If you are a scientist and would like to propose a new hypothesis for consideration, please use the following submission form:

Submission Form for New Hypotheses


Questions and Answers For Organizers

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