Spring 2016: Last data collection with the SPY-1A Phased Array Radar (PAR) at NSSL

Since 2004, the PAR at the National Weather Radar Testbed in Norman, OK has served as a research demonstrator for evolutionary advancements in electronic, adaptive scanning. Data collected have supported the Phased Array Radar Innovative Sensing Experiment and the Warn on Forecast Program, and many other scientific studies.

The data collection portion of PARISE 2016 will focus on two experiments. The first will support the Warn on Forecast effort at NSSL by providing expanded radar coverage beyond the 90 degree field of view of the NWRT PAR antenna. In addition, new scanning techniques will provide improved vertical sampling of weather within the scan sector. The second experiment supports the MPAR concept, using algorithms to focus weather scanning in regions of developing and severe weather. This will be especially important if the radar is to share both weather and aviation functions. For more information, contact