Before viewing the list of events, here's a few things you should know:

The second column gives the number of reports that are associated with the derecho. The third column identifies the "strength" of the event as "low-end" , "moderate", or "high-end" . The list also gives the date and time of the first and last wind report (UTC) that are associated with the event. The location of the wind reports is given as a latitude and longitude. Also listed is the duration of each event.

I compiled these events using Storm Data, the SPC convective-wind database and the software SVRPLOT. For events from April 1997 to the present, the National Mosaic Reflectivity Images from NCDC greatly helped in the definition of the events. The SPC severe thunderstorm event database also helped in defining the most recent events. I also examined the WSR-88D level II data if it was available. For earlier events, I gathered radar summary charts from the NCEP CD's, or when that wasn't available, I suffered through piles of microfilm to find the appropriate data (never again!).

Because I spent a great deal of time compiling this list, I would appreciate it if you give me credit if you use this information in your research.

Here's the list of the events from 1986-2001.

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