International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity

ICAE 2014, Norman, OK, U.S.A.

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Monday, 16 June

8:10 Welcome

8:30 (Mon.) Oral 01: Lightning and Meteorology

Chairs: Kristin Calhoun, Wiebke Deierling
8:30O-01-01: An Overview of Lightning and Thunderstorm Studies with the LMA
Paul Krehbiel, William Rison, Ronald Thomas
8:45O-01-02: Observations of turbulent kinematics and lightning-inferred electric potential structure in a severe squall line
(Formerly was "Flash area and rate as combined indicators of available flash energy")
Eric C. Bruning, Vicente Salinas, Vanna Sullivan, Scott Gunter, John Schroeder
9:00O-01-03: Relationship between preliminary breakdown and charge structure revealed by Phased array radar
Satoru Yoshida, W. Ting, T. Ushio, K. Kusunoki
9:15O-01-04: Lightning and Microphysics Characteristics of incipient Thunderstorms
Enrique Mattos, Earle Williams, Luiz Augusto Toledo Machado
9:30O-01-05: Properties of the Lightning Activity at Storm Scale during HyMeX SOP1 Campaign: Comparison Between an Isolated Storm (05 Sept 2012), a Multi-cellular System (24 Sept 2012) and a Tornadic Cell (14 Oct 2012)
Eric Defer, O. Bousquet, J.-F. Ribaud, J.-P. Pinty, S. Coquillat, W. Rison, P. Krehbiel, R. Thomas, W. Schulz
9:45O-01-06: Coordinated 3-D Lightning Mapping, Balloon-borne Electric Field, and Polarimetric Radar Observations of a Triggered Lightning Flash at Camp Blanding, Florida
Donald MacGorman, Michael Biggerstaff, John Pilkey, Martin Uman, Doug Jordan, Terry Ngin, William Gamerota, Sean Waugh, Gordon Carrie, and Dan Betten
10:00O-01-07: Lightning Observations in Northern Colorado Snowstorms
Matthew R. Kumjian and Wiebke Deierling
10:15O-01-08: Dynamic-microphysical-electrical processes in severe thunderstorms and lightning hazards
Xiushu Qie, Gaopeng Lu, Yijun Zhang, Dongxia Liu, Dongfang Wang, and Yu Wang
10:30O-01-09: Lightning activity in tropical cyclones of the South-West Indian Ocean
Christophe Bovalo, Christelle Barthe

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10:45 (Mon.) Poster 01: Lightning and Meteorology

Chair: Larry Carey
10:45-12:15P-01-01: Thunderstorm characteristics from cluster analysis of lightning
Michael Hutchins, Robert H. Holzworth
10:45-12:15P-01-02: Relationships between Narrow Bipolar Events and Radar Echo in Southwest China
Wansheng Dong, Shasha Liu, Hengyi Liu
Preprint available
P-01-03: Contrast in lightning activity over land and sea - further analyses of thermodynamic conditions
Rumjana Mitzeva, Boryana Markova, Tsvetelina Dimitrova and Savka Petrova
10:45-12:15P-01-04: An Overview of HyMeX SOP1 Atmospheric Electricity Observations
Eric Defer, G. Anderson, H.-D. Betz, O. Bousquet, S. Coquillat, J. Delanoë, V. Ducrocq, T. Farges, L.-J. Gallin, V. Kotroni, P. Krehbiel, K. Lagouvardos, G. Molinié, P. Ortéga, S. Pédeboy, J.-P. Pinty, J.-F. Ribaud, E. Richard, A. Schwarzenboeck, W. Rison, W. Schulz, S. Soula, R. Thomas, C. Vergeiner.
10:45-12:15P-01-05: Relationships between total lightning activity, microphysics, and kinematics in thunderclouds: case studies observed during the HyMeX SOP1 campaign
Jean-Francois Ribaud, O. Bousquet, S. Coquillat, E. Defer, V. Ducrocq, P. Krehbiel, D. Lambert, J.-P. Pinty, B. Rison
10:45-12:15P-01-06: Storm morphology and electrification from CHUVA-GLM Vale do Paraiba field campaign
Rachel I. Albrecht, Wagner F. A. Lima, Carlos A. Morales, Thiago S. Biscaro
10:45-12:15P-01-07: Characterization of lightning distribution associated to convective systems along their life cycle over Brazilian region
Wendell R. G. Farias, Thomas Fioleou, Izabelly C. Costa
10:45-12:15P-01-08: Lightning characteristics related to radar morphology and hail distribution in linear convective systems
Dongxia Liu and Xiushu Qie
10:45-12:15P-01-09: Development and Observation of the Phase Array Radar at X band
Tomoo Ushio, Shigeharu Shimamura, Ting Wu, Hiroshi Kikuchi, Eiichi Yoshikawa, Satoru Yoshida, Zen Kawasaki, Fumihiko Mizutani, Masakazu Wada, Shinsuke Satoh, Toshio Iguchi
10:45-12:15P-01-10: Three-Dimensional Characteristics of Lightning Channels, Reflectivity Cores, and Vortices in Winter Thunderstorms
Masahide Nishihashi, Chusei Fujiwara, Kenichi Kusunoki, Syugo Hayashi, Hanako Inoue, Ken-ichiro Arai, Ken-ichi Shimose, Ryohei Kato, Sadao Saito, Eiichi Sato, Wataru Mashiko, and Hiroto Suzuki
10:45-12:15P-01-11: Tracking positive charge regions and microphysics in storms throughout various regions of the United States
Brody Fuchs, Steven Rutledge, Patrick Kennedy, Paul Krehbiel
10:45-12:15P-01-12: Electrical Discharges in the Overshooting Tops of Five Storms
Matthew Elliot and Don MacGorman
10:45-12:15P-01-13: Storm Physics and Lightning Properties over Northern Alabama during DC3
Retha Matthee and Lawrence Carey
10:45-12:15P-01-14: Anvil Lightning in the 29 May Kingfisher Supercell Observed During DC3
Elizabeth A. DiGangi, Donald R. MacGorman, Michael Biggerstaff, Daniel Betten, Sean Waugh, Conrad Ziegler, Eric Bruning
WithdrawnP-01-15W: Observational Analysis on lightning feature and merger process in a multicell hailstorm triggered by sea-breeze front
Xiaoyuan Yi, Yijun Zhang, Yiwei, Liu, and Xiaolei Sun
WithdrawnP-01-16W: Characterizes on Evolution of the Heavy Rainfall Cells Structure in the Leading Line Meso-scale Convective System and Lightning Activity
Xiao Yuan Yi, Yijun Zhang, Hao Dong, Nan Zhang, Shu Xu
10:45-12:15P-01-17: Warm season thunderstorm rainfall estimation on the Canadian Prairies Using lightning and gridded model data
Bob Kochtubajda, W. R. Burrows, J. C. Brimelow
10:45-12:15P-01-18: Estimated rainfall comparison between weather radar and lightning data based on an sliding-window
Marcos L. Rodrigues, Wendell R. G. Farias, Izabelly C. Costa
Moved to Posters 4P-01-19: Evaluating Satellite Precipitation Estimates Using Lightning Information
Scott Rudlosky, Mitch Ramsey, Martina Ricko

12:15 (Mon.) Lunch

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1:15 (Mon.) Poster 02: Lightning Physics I

Chair: Vlad Mazur
WithdrawnP-02-01W: Observation of Multiple Narrow Bipolar Events in Tropical Thunderstorms
Mona Esa, Mohd Riduan Ahmad, and Vernon Cooray
1:15-3:00P-02-02: Occurrence of Narrow Bipolar Event as Part of Cloud-to-Ground Flash Activity in Tropical Thunderstorms
Mohd Riduan Ahmad, Mona Riza Mohd Esa, and Vernon Cooray
WithdrawnP-02-03: Temporal-spatial context of NBEs with normal lightning events revealed by VLF/LF observation system
Fanchao Lyu, Baoyou Zhu, Zilong Qin
1:15-3:00P-02-04: Lightning Mapping and Electric Field Observations of Naturally Induced Upward Positive Leaders from Wind Turbines
William Rison, Ron Thomas, Paul Krehbiel and Dan Rodeheffer, Kenneth Cummins and Mason Quick, Jackson Myers, Tom Warner, Marcelo Saba and Carina Schumann, Walt Lyons, Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras and Carl Young, Steve Cummer and Gaopeng Lu
1:15-3:00P-02-05: Measurements of Compact Intracloud Discharges with a Dense Array of Ground-Based Sensors
Sumedhe Karunarathne, Thomas Marshall, Maribeth Stolzenburg, and Nadeeka Karunarathna
1:15-3:00P-02-06: Coordinated studies of lightning discharge processes
Jeff Lapierre, Richard Sonnenfeld, Mike Stock, Harald Edens, Paul Krehbiel, Bill Rison
1:15-3:00P-02-07: 3 Years of RAMMER Network - What we have got so far
Antonio C. V. Saraiva, Osmar Pinto Jr., Gisele S. Zepka, Tiago S. Buzato, Leandro Z. S. Campos, Larissa Antunes, Jéferson Alves, Ellen S. A. M. Luz
WithdrawnP-02-08W: First Spectroscopic Observations of Lightning in Brazil
Ellen Soraia A. M. Luz, Osmar Pinto Jr., Kleber Naccarato, Richard E. Orville
1:15-3:00P-02-09: Observation of Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Channels with High-Speed Video Camera
Magalie Buguet, Philippe Lalande, Patrice Blanchet, S. Pédeboy, P. Barneoud, and P. Laroche
1:15-3:00P-02-10: Differences Between Visible Characteristics Of Lightining Flashes For A Case Study Occurred In Southeast Brazil During The Summer Of 2012/2013
Larissa Antunes, Antonio C. V. Saraiva, Osmar Pinto Jr., Leandro Z. S. Campos, Jeferson Alves
1:15-3:00P-02-11: Analysis of a Single-Stroke, Negative CG Flash with 700 Millisecond Continuing Current, At Least 14 M Components and Comparison with Nearby Contemporaneous CG and IC Flashes
William Beasley, Douglas. M. Jordan, Stephanie A. Weiss
1:15-3:00P-02-12: The Optical Characteristics of Cloud-to-ground Lightning Flashes in Pingliang of China
Xiangzhen Kong, Yang Zhao, Huaibin Wang, Tong Zhang
1:15-3:00P-02-13: The optical characteristic of negative cloud-to-ground lightning flashes with multiple ground termination
Rosangela B. Gin, Henrique Chiang and Lucas Resende
1:15-3:00P-02-14: Phenomenology and Characterization of Multiple Ground Contact Strokes in Natural Lightning
Leandro Z. S. Campos, Kenneth L. Cummins, Osmar Pinto Jr., Dailton G. Guedes, Antonio C. V. Saraiva, Larissa Antunes
1:15-3:00P-02-15: Abnormal Leader Processes in a Classically-Triggered Negative Discharge Observed with a Broadband VHF Interferometer and a Camera in 3D
Mingli Chen, Yanchi SHEN, Wansheng DONG
1:15-3:00P-02-16: Analysis of Lightning Electromagnetic Fields at Near and Far Ranges
Yazhou Chen, Hao Wang, Haojiang Wan, Vladimir A. Rakov
1:15-3:00P-02-17: VHF emission from lightning discharges recorded by Chibis-M microsatellite
Maxim S. Dolgonosov, V.M. Gotlib, V. A. Rakov and L.M. Zelenyi
1:15-3:00P-02-18: Study of lightning channel through 3D reconstruction images: a case study
Rosangela B. Gin, Reinaldo Bianchi and Felipe Pedrao Antonili
1:15-3:00P-02-19: Inference of lightning discharge-element orientation from VHF radio polarimetry
Abram Jacobson, Robert H. Holzworth, Xuan-Min Shao and Erin H. Lay
1:15-3:00P-02-20: Miniature intracloud discharges accompanying initial continuing current in rocket-triggered lightning
Gaopeng Lu, Rubing Jiang, Hongbo Zhang, Zhuling Sun, Mingyuan Liu, Xueke Wu, Dongxia Liu, and Xiushu Qie
Preprint available
P-02-21W: Characteristics of Initial Continuous and Continuing Current Processes in Rocket-triggered Lightning
Fangcong Zhou, Yijun Zhang, Weitao Lü, Yi Gao, Dong Zheng, Yang Zhang, and Shaodong Chen
1:15-3:00P-02-22: BOLT - The Balloon Originating Lightning Trigger
Phillip M. Bitzer, Hugh Christian
Preprint available
P-02-23: The Preliminary Study on Formation and Characteristics of the Ball Lightning
Zicheng Li, Guohua Yang

2:40 (Mon.) Break

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3:00 (Mon.) Oral 02: Lightning Physics I

Chairs: Daohong Wang, Marcelo Saba
3:00O-02-01: Branched Dart Leaders Preceding Lightning Return Strokes
Maribeth Stolzenburg, Thomas C. Marshall, Sumedhe Karunarathne, Nadeeka Karunarathna, Richard E. Orville, and Tom A. Warner
3:15O-02-02: VHF Interferometer Observations of Natural Lightning
Michael Stock, Jeff Lapierre, Paul Krehbiel, William Rison, Ron Thomas, Harald Edens, Mark Stanley and Richard Sonnenfeld
3:30O-02-03: A rocket-triggered lightning flash with more-than-usual dart Leader-return stroke sequences
Mingyuan Liu, Zhuling Sun, Rubin Jiang, Xueke Wu, Gaopeng Lu, and Xiushu Qie
3:45O-02-04: Calibrated, Multiband Optical Emissions from Rocket-Triggered Lightning
Mason G. Quick, E. Philip Krider, Douglas M. Jordan, Jonathan D. Hill, Martin A. Uman
4:00O-02-05: Novel Observations in Lightning Spectroscopy
T. Daniel Walker, Hugh Christian
4:15O-02-06: Characteristic of Compact Intracloud Discharges on Qinghai-Tibet plateau
Yanhui Wang, Guangshu Zhang, Yajun Li, Rong Zhang, Yanxiu Liu, Xiushu Qie
4:30 (Moved
from O-03-07)
O-02-07: Addressing the hydrometeor theory of lightning initiation with experiments in a high-voltage laboratory
Vladislav Mazur, Lothar H. Ruhnke, Stan Grzybowski, Clayborne D. Taylor, Danyal A. Petersen
4:45O-02-08: Phenomenology of intracloud lightning leaders
Kelcy Brunner-Miller, Phillip M. Bitzer, and Hugh J. Christian
5:00O-02-09: Study on occurrence regularity of CPT Discharge Event in Negative Cloud-to-Ground Lightning
Yijun Zhang, Yang Zhang, Wei Zhou, Weitao Lu, Dong Zheng

Tuesday, 17 June

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8:30 (Tues.) Oral 03: Lightning Physics II

Chairs: Xiushu Qie, Vlad Rakov
8:15O-03-01: Characteristic of Narrow Bipolar Events from Broadband Interferometric and Electric Field Observations
William Rison, Mike Stock, Jeff Lapierre, Paul Krehbiel, Ron Thomas, Harald Edens and Richard Sonnenfeld
8:30O-03-02: Characteristics of the brief but bright discharges that often occur along the trails of upward positive leaders
Kaneyoshi Takamatsu, Nobuyuki Takagi, Daohong Wang
8:45O-03-03: Electric field changes produced by upward lightning flashes
Marcelo Magalhaes Fares Saba, Carina Schumann, Marco Antonio da Silva Ferro, Tom A. Warner, Amanda Romao de Paiva, Rachel Albrecht, Carlos Augusto Morales Rodriguez, Robson Jaques
9:00O-03-04: Characteristics of negative upward stepped leaders in positive upward lightning
Megumu Miki, Toru Miki, Akira Asakawa and Takatoshi Shindo
9:15O-03-05: Electrical Development in Lightning before Initial Breakdown Pulses
Thomas Marshall, Maribeth Stolzenburg, Sumedhe Karunarathne, and Nadeeka Karunarathna
9:30 (Moved
from O-12-07)
O-03-06: High-Speed Video Observations of the Preliminary Breakdown Phase of a Negative Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Flash
Danyal Petersen, William Beasley
9:45 (Moved
from O-02-07)
O-03-07: Is Narrow Bipolar Event a Type of Isolated Lightning Discharge?
Ting Wu, Satoru Yoshida and Tomoo Ushio
10:00O-03-08: First Detailed Observations of Discharges within the Artificial Charged Aerosol Cloud
Michail G. Andreev, Nikolay A. Bogatov, Alexander Yu. Kostinsky, Eugene A. Mareev, Dmitry I. Sukharevsky and Vladimir S. Syssoev
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8:30 (Tues.) Poster 03: Lightning Physics II

Chair: Maribeth Stolzenburg
10:15-12:00P-03-01: A back-of-the-envelope calculation to estimate the geometric size of thunderstorms in Saturn's atmosphere
Joseph A. Pagaran and Georg Fischer
10:15-12:00P-03-02: Overview of the Kansas Windfarm2013 Field Program
Kenneth Cummins, Mason G. Quick, Jackson Myers, William Rison, Tom A. Warner, Marcelo M.F. Saba and Carina Schumann, Walt Lyons, Geoff McHarg and Josh Engle, Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras, and Carl Young, Amitabh Nag, John Cramer, and Tommy Turner, Steven A. Cummer and Gaopeng Lu
10:15-12:00P-03-03: Upward Lightning Flashes: Analysis of initiation
Carina Schumann, Marcelo Magalhaes Fares Saba, Marco Antonio da Silva Ferro, Tom A. Warner, Amanda Romao de Paiva, Rachel Albrecht, Carlos Morales Robson Jaques
10:15-12:00P-03-04: Characteristics of leader/return stroke sequence along one of multiple branches of upward lightning discharges
Kaneyoshi Takamatsu, Nobuyuki Takagi, Daohong Wang, Kouji Michishita
10:15-12:00P-03-06: Close Observations of an "Upward Illumination"-Type Return Stroke Recorded by a New Lightning Measurement System at Kennedy Space Center
J. Dustin Hill and C.T. Mata
10:15-12:00P-03-07: Return Stroke Initiated by the Contact between a Downward Negative Leader from the Aerosol Cloud and Upward Positive Leader from the Grounded Plane
Michail G. Andreev , M. U. Bulatov, A. J. Kostinskiy, L. M. Makalsky, D. I. Sukharevskiy, V. S. Syssoev
10:15-12:00P-03-08: Modeling of altitude-triggered lightning in the electric field of a negatively charged aerosol cloud
A. G. Aleshchenko, M.G.Andreev, N.A.Bogatov, A.Yu.Kostinsky, V.E.Kuznetsov, L.M.Makalsky, E.A.Mareev, V.A.Rakov, D.I.Sukharevsky and V.S.Syssoev
10:15-12:00P-03-09: Microwave Diagnostics for Investigation of Long Spark and Artificial Charged Aerosol Cloud
Nikolai A. Bogatov, Vladimir Syssoev, Dmitry Suharevsky, Marat Bulatov, Michail Andreev, Alexander Kostinsky, Eugene Mareev and Vladimir Rakov
WithdrawnP-03-10W: Assessing hypothesis of charge distribution during the formation of lightning channels based on simultaneous records of influent quantities
Silverio Visacro, Miguel Guimaraes
10:15-12:00P-03-11: Infrasonic Pulses and Charge Centers from Lightning
Rene 0. Arechiga, Jeff L Lapierre, Michael Stock, Hector Erives, William Rison, and Ronald J. Thomas
10:15-12:00P-03-12: Experimental validation of the Relativistic Runaway Electron Avalanche (RREA) model using an array of cosmic ray muon detectors
Eric Benton, A. N. Ruse, N. C. Lindy, D. A. Petersen, and W. H. Beasley
10:15-12:00P-03-13: The Secondary Cosmic-Ray Electron Environment at Lightning Initiation Altitudes
Nathan Lindy, E. R. Benton, A. N. Ruse, D. A. Petersen, and W. H. Beasley
10:15-12:00P-03-14: Preliminary Breakdown Pulse Trains in Electric Field Records of Negative Cloud-to-Ground Lightning
Yanan Zhu, V.A. Rakov, S. Mallick, and M. Tran
10:15-12:00P-03-15: Spectral characteristics of the electric field related to the preliminary breakdown stage of cloud-to-ground lightning flashes
Grzegorz Maslowski, Piotr Baranski, Grzegorz Karnas
10:15-12:00P-03-16: Research on chaotic leader in cloud-to-ground lightning
Yang Zhang, Chan Li, Yijun Zhang, Weitao Lu, Dong Zheng
WithdrawnP-03-17W: Three-dimensional Observation of Chaotic Pulse Trains in Negative Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Using VHF Broadband Digital Interferometer
Hengyi Liu, Wansheng, Dong, Yijun Zhang
10:15-12:00P-03-18: Observation and properties of a sub-cloud bidirectional leader
Joan Montanya, O. van der Velde, E. Williams, N. Pineda, D. Romero, G. Sola
WithdrawnP-03-19W: Comprehensive observations of CG leaders using newly developed TVLS
Shi Qiu, Lihua Shi
WithdrawnP-03-20W: A wideband active lightning E-Dot sensor and observations of cloud-ground lightning
Shi Qiu, Bihua Zhou and Zhidong Jiang
WithdrawnP-03-21W: Electrostatic based model for the recoil leader in cloud-to-ground lightning with multiple strokes
Mauricio Ballarotti, Osmar Pinto Jr., Marcelo M. F. Saba
WithdrawnP-03-22W: The latest lightning return stroke model of relationship between current propagation and current generation.
Muzafar Ismail, Vernon Cooray
10:15-12:00P-03-23: A Transmission-Line-Type Model for Lightning Return Strokes with Branches
Amitabh Nag, Vladimir A. Rakov

12:00 (Tues.) Lunch

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1:00 (Tues.) Poster 04: Meteorological Applications of Lightning Data

Chair: Alex Fierro
1:00-2:45P-04-01: Lightning Forecasting Based on Eastern Amazon Radiosonde Data
Jose A. S. Sa, C. H. L. Silva Junior, L. P. Ferreira, I. G. Sollim, C. R. M. Moreira, R. M. Veloso, L. S. Duarte, R. G. D. Oliveira and B. R. P. Rocha
1:00-2:45P-04-02: Proximity Alerts Based on Total Lightning
William Beasley, S.Heckman, C. Sloop, F. Guarriello
1:00-2:45P-04-03: Investigating the plausibility of a model based lightning risk indicator for South Africa
Morné Gijben,
WithdrawnP-04-04W: Evaluation of the Potential Lightning Region (PLR) over Southeastern Brazil
Gisele S. Zepka, Victor H. P. Meireles, Carlos D. S. Gurjão, Guilherme T. Schild, Antonio C. V. Saraiva, Osmar Pinto Jr., Kleber P. Naccarato
WithdrawnP-04-05: Calculation of Lightning Potential Index (LPI) for different microphysics parameterizations based on WRF model and its comparative analysis with electrical parameters
Svetlana O. Dementyeva, Nikolay V. Ilin
1:00-2:45P-04-06: Potential of cloud-resolving model parameters to be used as proxies for the total flash rate
Christophe Bovalo, Christelle Barthe, Jean-Pierre Pinty and Michel Chong
1:00-2:45P-04-07: Evaluation of lightning parameterization using WRF for severe weather cases on Brazil
Wendell R. G. Farias, Izabelly C. Costa, Marcos L. Rodrigues
1:00-2:45P-04-08: Lightning simulation using a cloud-resolving model: Comparison with observations
Yukie Moroda, Masaya Kato, Koichiro Michimoto, Masahiko Yokota and Kazuhisa Tsuboki
1:00-2:45P-04-09: Lightning Parameterization for a Numerical Weather Prediction Model
Gilca Palma, Sandra I. Saad, Marcos V. Bueno, Carlos A. Morales
1:00-2:45P-04-10: A cloud-scale lightning data assimilation technique implemented within the WRF-ARW model.
Alexandre O. Fierro, Edward R. Mansell, Conrad L. Ziegler Donald R. MacGorman and Scott Dembek
1:00-2:45P-04-11: EnKF Assimilation of Pseudo-GLM Lightning Data and Relationships Between Flash Rates and Microphysics
Blake Allen, Edward Mansell
WithdrawnP-04-12: A method of Blending and Assimilation of Lightning and Radar based on 4dvar in extreme rain on 7.21, 2012
Xian Xiao, Qie,Xiushu and Sun, Juanzhen
1:00-2:45P-04-13: Operational Use of the West Texas Lightning Mapping Array at WFO Lubbock
Jason Jordan, Steven Cobb, Eric Bruning
1:00-2:45P-04-14: Investigating the Lightning Jump Value in Operational Severe Weather Nowcasting
Themis Chronis, L. D. Carey, C. J. Schultz, E. V. Schultz, K. M. Calhoun, D. M. Kingfield, K. L. Ortega, G. T. Stano, and S. J. Goodman
1:00-2:45P-04-15: Comparison of Total Lightning and Severe Weather Reports during the 2013 Convective Season
Phillip Bothwell
1:00-2:45P-04-16: Enhanced Verification of the Lightning Jump Algorithm
Elise V. Schultz, Kiel L. Ortega, Themis Chronis, Lawrence D. Carey, Kristin M. Calhoun, Greg Stumpf, Christopher J. Schultz, Geoffrey T. Stano, and Steven J. Goodman
1:00-2:45P-04-17: An Investigation into the Characteristics of Total Lightning Data in Severe Storms
Charlie Liu, Chris Sloop, Stan Heckman
1:00-2:45P-04-18: Total Lightning as an Indicator of Mesocyclone Behavior
Sarah Stough, Lawrence D. Carey, and Chris J. Schultz
Preprint available
P-04-19W: Cloud-to-ground lightning activity in a hailstorm over the Central Lower Latitude Plateau of China
Yi-ran Xie, Teng-fei ZHANG and Xue-tao Liu
Preprint available
P-04-20: The Impact of Non-convective Cloud-to-Ground Lightning (CG) and the Primary Application of Convective CG on Hail Warning in a Strong Squall Line
Fei Wang, Yijun Zhang, Qing Meng, Wen Yao
1:00-2:45P-01-19: Evaluating Satellite Precipitation Estimates Using Lightning Information
Scott Rudlosky, Mitch Ramsey, Martina Ricko

2:30 (Tues.) Break

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2:45 (Tues.) Oral 03: Lightning Physics II (continued)

Chairs: Pierre Laroche, Rachel Albrecht
2:45O-03-09: Observation of downward and upward lightning flashes at 634-m Tower
Masaru Ishii, Mikihisa SAITO, Toru MIKI, Daiki TANAKA, Takatoshi SHINDO, Takeo SONEHARA
3:00O-03-10: High speed optical observation on the attachment processes of natural downward lightning discharges
Daohong Wang, Nobuyuki Takagi, W. R. Gamerota, M.A. Uman, and D.M. Jordan
3:15O-03-11: Four ways of how downward and upward leaders make connection during the lightning attachment process
Weitao Lu, Yan Gao, Luwen Chen, Ying Ma, Yijun Zhang, and V. A. Rakov
3:30O-03-12: High speed video observation of lightning attachment process and the associated leader behaviours
Rubin Jiang, Xiushu Qie, Mingyuan Liu, Gaopeng Lu, Zhichao Wang, Zhulin Sun, Xueke Wu, Hongbo Zhang, Kun Liu, Xun Li

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3:50 (Tues.) Oral 04: Meteorological Applications of Lightning Data

Chairs: Christelle Barthe, Eric Bruning
3:50O-04-01: Physical and Dynamical Linkages between Lightning Jumps and Storm Conceptual Models
Christopher Schultz, Lawrence D. Carey, Elise V. Schultz, Richard J. Blakeslee, Steven J. Goodman
4:05O-04-02: The Hazardous Weather Testbed: Moving Total Lightning Data from a Research Tool into Forecast and Warning Operations
Kristin Calhoun, Geoffrey Stano, Eric Bruning, Scott Rudlosky, and Darrel Kingfield
4:20O-04-03: A Total Lightning Product Monitor
Steven J. Goodman, M. Bateman, P. M. Bitzer, B. Carcione, K. M. Calhoun, K. L. Cummins, S. D. Rudlosky, and K. D. White
4:35O-04-04: Forecasting Lightning Using a Perfect Prog Technique Applied to Multiple Operational Models
Phillip Bothwell and Lindsey Richardson
4:50O-04-05: Explicit electrification and lightning forecast implemented within the WRF-ARW model
Alexandre O. Fierro, Edward R. Mansell, Conrad L. Ziegler Donald R. MacGorman
5:05O-04-06: Simulations with MesoNH of the electrical features of precipitating events observed during HyMeX (2012) in the South-Eastern France
Jean-Pierre Pinty, E. Defer, P. Krehbiel, W. Rison, W. Schultz, M. Chong, R. Thomas and E. Richard

5:30 (Tues.) Registration ends

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7:30 (Tues.) Open Forums begin

One item is discussion on a statement to formally adopt the physics convention for electric fields. Further possibilities are lightning initiation and attachment processes. Suggestions are welcome!

Wednesday, 18 June

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8:15 (Wed.) Oral 05: Lightning Hazards and Mitigation

Chairs: Masaru Ishii, Phillip Bothwell
8:15O-05-01: Results of RAIJIN, the intensive observation program to relax the triggered lightning launch commit criteria
Yasuhiro Saito, T. SAITO, K. OKITA, T. Takahashi, M. Ishii, H. Christian and D. Mach
8:30O-05-02: Assessments of lightning protection scheme for a metro traction power system and lightning-caused electromagnetic environment inside a carriage
Tao Lu, Mingli CHEN, Ya-ping DU, Yazhong Xu
8:45O-05-03: A prevention method of lightning strikes to aircrafts
Koichiro Michimoto, Hidefumi Uda
9:00O-05-04: Influence of the Soil and Frequency Effects to Evaluate Atmospheric Overvoltages in Overhead Transmission Lines - Part I: The Influence of the Soil in the Transmission Lines Parameters
Rodolfo A. R. Moura, Marco A. O. Schroeder, Pedro H. L. Menezes, Luiz C. Nascimento, André T. Lobato

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9:20 (Wed.) Oral 06: Energetic Radiation from Lightning and Thunderstorms

Chairs: Heidi Morris, Danyal Petersen
9:20O-06-01: X-Ray Emissions from First and Subsequent Leaders in Natural Cloud-to-Ground Lightning
Shreeharsh Mallick, Vlad A. Rakov, and J.R. Dwyer
9:35O-06-02: Gamma Rays Associated with Nearby Thunderstorms at Ground Level
Rebecca Ringuette, Michael L. Cherry, Douglas Granger, T. Gregory Guzik, Michael Stewart, John P. Wefel
9:50O-06-03: Characteristics of extremely bright TGFs and short TGFs from RHESSI
David M. Smith, Paul Buzbee, Nicole Kelley, and Alexander Infanger, Joseph Dwyer, Michael Splitt, and Steven Lazarus, Robert Holzworth and Michael Hutchins, Steven Cummer
10:05O-06-04: On the Relationship between Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes and Lightning
Shaolin Xiong, Michael S. Briggs, Stan Heckman, Valerie Connaughton

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10:35 (Wed.) Poster 05: Lightning Hazards and Mitigation

Chair: Ken Cummins
10:20-12:00P-05-01: Short Term Lightning Hazard Predictions
Wiebke Deierling, Matthias Steiner, Kyoko Ikeda and Randy Bass
10:20-12:00P-05-02: Lightning Warnings with NLDN Cloud and Cloud-to-ground Lightning Data
Ronald Holle, Nicholas W.S. Demetriades, and Amitabh Nag
10:20-12:00P-05-03: Lightning Injury Mechanism in Uganda
Ahurra Kulyaka Mary,
WithdrawnP-05-04: Characteristic analysis of lightning disaster in Hainan Island from 1999 to 2011
Yi Gao, Fangcong Zhou and Xiaoqing Lao
10:20-12:00P-05-05: Thermoionization Method of Lightning Activity Reduction
Vladimir Koslov, Nikolay Korshun, Vladimir Morozov and Natalia Emelianova
10:20-12:00P-05-06: Upgrade of a High Voltage Laboratory
Werner Lick, Uwe Schichler and Michael Muhr
10:20-12:00P-05-07: Influence of the Soil and Frequency Effects to Evaluate Atmospheric Overvoltages in Overhead Transmission Lines - Part II: The Influence of the Soil in Atmospheric Overvoltages
Rodolfo A. R. Moura, Marco A. O. Schroeder, Pedro H. L. Menezes, Luiz C. Nascimento, André T. Lobato
10:20-12:00P-05-08: Transient overvoltage calculation on the floating roof tank stroked by lightning using boundary element method
Xiaoming Ren, Xue Cui
WithdrawnP-05-09W: 3-D FDTD Simulation of the Lightning-induced Waves on Overhead Lines Considering the Vertically Stratified conducting Ground
Xiao Tang, Qilin Zhang
WithdrawnP-05-10: An Approximate Formula for Estimating the Peak Value of Lightning-Induced Overvoltage Considering the Stratified Conducting Ground
Qilin Zhang, Liang Zhang, Xiao Tang
WithdrawnP-05-11: The Influence of the Horizontally Stratified Conducting Ground on the Lightning-Induced Voltages
Qilin Zhang, Xiao Tang, Liang Zhang
WithdrawnP-05-12: Estimate of change of an electric field strength on the extremities of the superlong conducting hairlines used for initiation of lightnings
A. Kh. Adzhiev, I.Kh. Mashukov, Kh.Kh. Mashukov

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10:35 (Wed.) Poster 06: Energetic Radiation from Lightning and Thunderstorms

Chair: Bill Beasley
WithdrawnP-06-W: Monte Carlo Simulation for the Source of Transient Energetic Radiation During Winter Thunderstorm
Tatsuo Torii, Takeshi Sugita, Masashi Kamogawa
WithdrawnP-06-W: Energetic Radiation Associated with Summer Thunderstorm Activity at the Summit of Mt. Fuji, Japan
Masashi Kamogawa, Tatsuo Torii, Tomomi Syoji, Saito Syogen, Yuko Suzuki
10:20-12:00P-06-01: Development of Instrumentation to Study High-Energy Radiation from Lightning Aboard Airborne Platforms
Gregory Bowers, David Smith, Nicole Kelley, Warren Rexroad
Preprint Available
P-06-02W: Detection of Lightning and High-Energy Particles at the Telescope Array Cosmic Ray Observatory
John Belz, William Hanlon , P. Krehbiel, T. Okuda, W. Rison, H. Takai, R. Thomas, G.B. Thomson
10:20-12:00P-06-03: The Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flash Catalog
Michael S. Briggs, Shaolin Xiong, Gerard Fitzpatrick, Suzanne Foley, Valerie Connaughton, Matthew Stanbro, Shelia McBreen, Dave Tierney, Robert H. Holzworth and Michael L. Hutchins
10:20-12:00P-06-04: Common Gamma-ray Glows
Nicole Kelley, David Smith, Joseph Dwyer, Michael Splitt
10:20-12:00P-06-05: Thunderstorm analysis for a TGF/lightning coincidence case in Colombia
Ferran Fabró, Joan Monanya, O. van der Velde, D. Aranguren, E. Williams, C. Morales, H.D. Betz, T. Gjesteland, N. Østgaard, S. Soula, N. Pineda, D. Smith
10:20-12:00P-06-06: X-rays from long laboratory sparks: Influence of the anode geometry
Pasan Hettiarachchi, Mahbubur Rahman, Vernon Cooray
10:20-12:00P-06-07: X-rays and microwave RF power from high voltage laboratory sparks
Joan Montanya, F. Fabró, V. March, O. van der Velde, G. Solà, D. Romero
10:20-12:00P-06-08: Energetic Electron Dynamics in Air
Heidi Morris, E.N. Pusateri, R.L. Holmes

12:05 (Wed.) Lunch

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1:05 (Wed.) Poster 07: Fair Weather and Atmospheric Ions

Chair: Tom Marshall
Preprint Available
P-07-01: The Research of "Fair-Weather" Criteria in Atmospheric Electricity Taking into Consideration Surface Layer Stability
Irina Panchishkina, Anatoly Petrov, Galena Petrova, and Nikita Petrov
WithdrawnP-07-W: Measurement of Charge Density inside the Nonthunderstorm Clouds on 2012 BEXUS Balloon Campaign
Masashi Kamogawa, BEXUS Balloon Campaign Team of Tokyo Gakugei University and Lycée Gustave Eiffel Cachan
WithdrawnP-07-W: Measurement of Atmospheric Electric Field in Fair Weather by means of Corona Discharge Instrument
Masashi Kamogawa, Yuko Suzuki, Tomomi Syoji, Saito Syogen
WithdrawnP-07-W: Atmospheric Electricity Modulated by the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Masashi Kamogawa, Tatsuo Torii, Yoshihisa Kimura
1:05-2:40P-07-02: Monitoring of Stable Boundary Layer Characteristic Using the Electrical Measurements
S. V. Anisimov, E. A. Mareev, N. M. Shikhova, M. V. Shatalina, S. V. Galichenko, and S. S. Zilitinkevich
1:05-2:40P-07-03: Dynamical scaling of aeroelectrical field and current at middle latitudes
Sergey Anisimov, Natalya Shikhova
Preprint Available
P-07-04: Atmospheric Electric Field Measurements on the High-Mountains Stations Near Elbrus
Anatolij Adzhiev, Anton Boldyreff, Ruslan Gyatov, Tatiana Kudrinskaya,Gennady Kupovykh, Vladimir Kuzmin, Hazretali Mashukov, Dmitry Pestov, Olesya Pestova, Alexander Redin
Preprint available
P-07-05: Detection of the atmosphere oscillatory motion in the spectra of the electric field and pressure fluctuations
Alexander Kochin
Preprint available
P-07-06: Electric field changing before winter precipitation
Alexander Kochin
1:05-2:40P-07-07: Variations of electric and meteorological values in the near ground atmosphere in Kamchatka during the solar events in October, 2003
Sergey Smirnov, G.A.Mikhailova, O.V.Kapustina
1:05-2:40P-07-08: Variations of electric field power spectra and meteorological values in the near ground atmosphere in Kamchatka during the solar events in November, 2004
Sergey Smirnov, G.A.Mikhailova, O.V.Kapustina
1:05-2:40P-07-09: Atmospheric Electric Field of Lisbon (Portugal) affected by urban activity
Hugo G. Silva, R. Conceição, M. Melgão, M. Tlemçani, A. H. Reis, and C. Serrano
1:05-2:40P-07-10: The effect of aerosols on the local fair weather atmospheric electric field in Évora, Portugal
Marta Melgão, A.H.Reis, M.J.Costa, H.G.Silva
1:05-2:40P-07-11: Surface Layer Electrodynamic Structure under Severe Aerosol Pollution
Alexander Redin, Tatyana Kudrinskaya, Gennady Kupovykh, Anton Boldyreff
1:05-2:40P-07-12: Atmospheric Electricity and Aerosol-Cloud Interactions in Northern Europe
Hanna E. Manninen, Xuemeng Chen, Tuomo Nieminen, Alessandro Franchin, Antti Mäkelä, Urmas Hõrrak, Hannes Tammet, Tuukka Petäjä and Markku Kulmala
1:05-2:40P-07-13: Daily Variations Of Surface Electric Intensity In The Smokes Of Summer Forest FIRES
Peter M. Nagorskiy, Michael V. Kabanov, Peter M. Nagorskiy, Ol'ga G. Lanskaya, Yuri A. Pkhalagov, Sergei V. Smirnov, and Sergei Yu. Zolotov
Preprint Available
P-07-14: Experimental research of the surface layer electric structure with different concentration of radon-222
Galena Petrova, Anatoly Petrov, Irina Panchishkina, and Olga Starostina
Preprint Available
P-07-15: Electrode Layer Structure Generating Under Radon-222 Transfer across Land- Atmosphere Interface
Olesya Pestova, Dmitriy Pestov, Alexander Shishenya, Gennady Kupovykh, Alexander Redin
WithdrawnP-07-16: Air ion variation during morning period (06:00-08:00 hours) at rural station Ramanandnagar (17° 4' N 74° 25' E) India
Suba D. Pawar,
WithdrawnP-07-17: Changes in the concentration of atmospheric ions in the planetary boundary layer, in Naguanagua and San Diego (Carabobo State - Venezuela)
Amilkar Quintero, José Jimenez, Nelson Falcón
Poster PDF
Preprint available
P-07-18: Some results of study of variations of light ions concentration and their connections with the ionizing radiation and sub-micron aerosol content in air under the conditions of Tbilisi city
Avtandil Amiranashvili
1:05-2:40P-07-19: Positive intermediate ion concentrations study with surface temperature at Maitri, Antarctica
Devendraa Siingh
1:05-2:40P-07-20: Consistency Of Component Variations Of Ionizing Radiation And Atmospheric-Electric Values
Peter M. Nagorskiy, Maxim S. Cherepnev, Paul P. Firstov, Ivan I. Ippolitov, Evgenie O. Makarov, Sergei E. Smirnov, Sergei V. Smirnov, Artem V. Vukolov, and Valentina S. Yakovleva
1:05-2:40P-07-21: Suppression of Cluster Ions during Particle Formation Events in the Atmosphere
Rohan Jayaratne, Xuan Ling and Lidia Morawska
1:05-2:40P-07-22: Long-term observations of atmospheric ions and their role in particle formation
Tuomo Nieminen, Xuemeng Chen, Hanna E. Manninen, Tuukka Petäjä, Markku Kulmala
1:05-2:40P-07-23: Overall estimation of the correlations between the concentrations of cluster ions and aerosols in a highly populated seashore site
Florian Mandija
WithdrawnP-07-24W: Effect of external electric field on water molecules changes the electron density and hence their dipole moment
Narayan Singh and Seema Singh

2:40 (Wed.) Break

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3:00 (Wed.) Oral 07: Fair Weather and Atmospheric Ions

Chairs: Rohan Jayaratne, Bob Holzworth
3:00O-07-01: Problem of ionization rate in the research of atmospheric aerosols
Urmas Hõrrak, Jaan Salm, Kaupo Komsaare, Aare Luts, Marko Vana, and Hannes Tammet
3:15O-07-02: Surface atmospheric electrical responses to solar energetic particles at mid- latitudes
Keri Nicoll and R.G. Harrison
3:30O-07-03: The observation of the lightning induced variation in atmospheric ions
Xuemeng Chen, Hanna E. Manninen, Pasi Aalto, Petri Keronen, Antti Mäkelä, Tuukka Petäjä and Markku Kulmala
3:45O-07-04: Dynamics of the atmospheric surface layer electricity
Sergey Anisimov, Kostya Aphinogenov, Sergey Galichenko
4:00O-07-05: Lagrangian approach to modeling of electrical properties of the growing convective boundary layer
Sergey Anisimov, Sergey Galichenko, Natalya Shikhova
4:15O-07-06: On the atmospheric electric field fluctuations at the periods from T=1s to T=100 days
V. V. Klimenko, L.V. Lubyako, E.A. Mareev, Maria V. Shatalina
4:30O-07-07: Review of Examples of Solar Wind Lower Atmosphere Coupling Observed in the Electric Field (Ez) Variations at the Earth's Surface During Magnetic Storms
S. Michnowski, A. Odzimek, N.G. Kleimenova, O.V. Kozyreva, M. Kubicki, N.N. Nikiforova
4:45O-07-08: Study of fair-weather atmospheric electrical parameter at Maitri (Antarctica)
Devendraa Siingh, C Selvaraj and C Panneerselvam
5:00O-07-09: Aircraft Measurements of Atmospheric Electricity Including Ionospheric Potential
Ralph Markson

5:30 (Wed.) Registration ends

5:40 (Wed.) ICAE committee meeting

Thursday, 19 June

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8:15 (Thurs.) Oral 08: Thunderstorm Electrification and Microphysics

Chairs: Clive Saunders, Conrad Ziegler
8:15O-08-01: LNOx in deep convection as simulated by an explicit charging and discharge lightning scheme implemented within the WRF-ARW model
Fengxia Guo, Edward Mansell, Alexandre Fierro
8:30O-08-02: Charge separation in non-riming conditions
Melina Luque, Rodrigo Bürgesser, and Eldo Ávila
8:45O-08-03: Wet Hail and Thunderstorm Electrification
Rohan Jayaratne and Clive Saunders
9:00O-08-04: Determination of Charge Movement in Intracloud Lightning Flashes
Jeffrey Burchfield, Hugh Christian, Phillip Bitzer
9:15O-08-05: Non-stationary corona around multi-point system in atmospheric electric field: Discharge current and vertical electric field profile
Eduard M. Bazelyan, Yuri P. Raizer, and Nickolay L. Aleksandrov
9:30O-08-06: Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Lower Positive Charge Region in Thunderstorms on Different Types of Lightning
Yongbo Tan, Zhongwu Liang, Zheng Shi, Junru Zhu, and Xiufeng Guo
9:45O-08-07: The Balloon-Borne Particle Size, Image, and Velocity (PASIV) Probe Used in the Deep Convective Clouds and Chemistry Experiment
Sean Waugh, Conrad Ziegler, Don MacGorman, Doug Kennedy, Sherman Frederickson, Mike Biggerstaff, Dan Betten, Gordon Carrie
10:00O-08-08: Different precipitation mechanisms produce heavy rain with and without lightning in Japan Baiu storm
Tsutomu Takahashi and Masahito Ishihara

10:15 (Thurs.) Break

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10:15 (Thurs.) Poster 08: Thunderstorm Electrification and Microphysics

Chair: Phil Krider
10:15-12:00P-08-01: Observations of Lightning Flash Energy Spectra in a Volcanic Eruption Column
Sonja A. Behnke and Eric Bruning
10:15-12:00P-08-02: Electrical charging of ash in Icelandic volcanic plumes
Karen Aplin, Isobel Houghton, and Keri Nicoll
10:15-12:00P-08-03: Simulation of some electrical effects on cloud microphysics: modeling and HyMeX SOP1 (2012) testbed
Jean-Pierre Pinty, M. Chong and C. Barthe
10:15-12:00P-08-04: Effects of global circuit current flow on the NAO; modeling of relevant microphysics
Brian Tinsley and Limin Zhou
WithdrawnP-08-05: Phenomenology and microphysical model of the Catatumbo Lightning (Maracaibo Lake, Venezuela)
Nelson Falcón, Freddy Narea, Luis Moreno, Leopoldo Ramirez, Amilkar Quintero
10:15-12:00P-08-06: Impact of kinematics, microphysics, and electrification on the formation of lightning-weak holes in a simulated supercell storm
Conrad L. Ziegler, Edward R. Mansell, Kristin M. Calhoun, and Donald R. MacGorman
10:15-12:00P-08-07: Further analysis of the effects of supersaturation on graupel charging - modeling study
Clive P. R. Saunders, R. P. Mitzeva, B. Tsenova
10:15-12:00P-08-08: Coupling and contrastive analysis of the non-inductive electrification mechanism parameterization schemes in Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model
Pengguo Zhao, Yan YIN, and Hui XIAO
10:15-12:00P-08-09: Understanding The Electrification Processes: A Contribution Of CHUVA Project
Carlos A. Morales, Moacir Lacerda, Evandro A. Moimaz and João R. Neves
10:15-12:00P-08-10: Effect of aerosol on the electrical structure of thunderstorms
Zheng Shi and Yongbo Tan
10:15-12:00P-08-11: Raindrop size distributions and electrical characteristics of thunderstorms over Pune during monsoon season
V. Gopalakrishnan, S D Pawar, P Murugavel
10:15-12:00P-08-12: The effect of charge separation in upper cloud layers on thunderstorm electrification - numerical simulations
Boryana Tsenova<, R. P. Mitzeva, and Clive P.R. Saunders
Preprint available
P-08-13: Formation of an electric charge in a melting layer of a Nimbostratus cloud
Alexander Kochin
10:15-12:00P-08-14: The observation of electrical soundings in a dying thunderstorm in Pingliang region
Tinglong Zhang, Yang Zhao, Changxiong Wei
10:15-12:00P-08-15: Winter Convective Clouds And Unstationary Electrode Layer
Peter M. Nagorskiy, Vladimir N. Morozov, Konstantin N. Pustovalov, Arseny A. Ryazanov, and Sergei V. Smirnov
WithdrawnP-08-16: Method LMA-EF for determination of position and intensity of electric charges inside thunderstorm clouds
Robson Jaques and Moacir Lacerda and Marcelo Saba
10:15-12:00P-08-17: Charge Structure and Lightning Patterns in Simulated Mesoscale Convective Systems
Allison Silveira and Edward Mansell
10:15-12:00P-08-18: Numerical Simulation of the effect of charge structure on the characteristics of discharge in thunderstorm
Jing Sun, Fengxia Guo, Jian Chai
10:15-12:00P-08-19: Electrical Structure Of The Unipolar Charged Aerosol Cloud
Stanislav S. Davydenko, Dmitry I. Iudin, Vitaly Yu. Klimashov, Alexander Yu. Kostinsky, and Vladimir S. Syssoev
10:15-12:00P-08-20: Influence of Lower Positive Charge Region on Occurence of Different Types of Lightning
Dmitry I. Iudin, Vladimir A. Rakov, Eugene A. Mareev, Vitaly.Y. Klimashov, Alexey A. Emelyanov
10:15-12:00P-08-21: Anomalously Electrified Storms in Colorado during DC3
Julia N. Tilles, Ronald J Thomas, Paul R Krehbiel
10:15-12:00P-08-22: Evolving Dominant Charge Structures in West Texas on 4 June 2012
Vanna Sullivan, Eric Bruning, Don MacGorman, Paul Krehbiel, William Rison, and Harald Edens
WithdrawnP-08-23: Charge Rearrangement Deduced from Nearby Electric Field Measurements
William Hager
10:15-12:00P-08-24: Calculation of the cloud-to-ground lightning dipole moment and its verification based on radio ELF observations and electric field measurements in VLF range
Zenon Nieckarz, Piotr Barański, Janusz Młynarczyk,Andrzej Kułak, Jan Wiszniowski
10:15-12:00P-08-25: 3D Modeling Atmospheric Electric Field And Current Caused By A Lightning Discharge
Stanislav S. Davydenko, Stepan A. Savikhin, Alexander S. Sergeev, and Sergei A. Zolotov

12:00 (Thurs.) Lunch

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1:00 (Thurs.) Poster 09: Lightning Effects on the Middle and Upper Atmosphere

Chair: Xuan-Min Shao
1:00-2:40P-09-01: Sprites/Halo Influence On The Mesosphere Chemistry: Self-Consistent Modeling, Electric Field Dynamics
Andrey A. Evtushenko, Fedor A. Kuterin, Evgeny A. Mareev
1:00-2:40P-09-02: Halo And Elve Formation In The Axial-Symmetry Plasma-Chemical Self-Consistent Model
Andrey A. Evtushenko, Fedor A. Kuterin, Stanislav Davydenko
1:00-2:40P-09-03: Heating of Mesospheric Air by Sprites and Its Implications for Production of Infrasonic Acoustic Waves
Caitano L. da Silva, Victor P. Pasko
1:00-2:40P-09-04: A statistical study of thunderstorm characteristics associated with acoustic waves
Erin Lay, Xuan-Min Shao, and Alex Kendrick
1:00-2:40P-09-05: Lightning activity and storm characteristics associated with dancing sprites
Serge Soula, Martin Füllekrug, Oscar van der Velde, Joan Montanya, Andrew Mezentsev, Nicolau Pineda, Torsten Neubert, and Olivier Chanrion
1:00-2:40P-09-06: First observations of sprites using the Israeli Infrasound Network
David Applbaum, Colin Price, Yochai Ben Horin
WithdrawnDisplacement between Winter Sprites and Parent Could-to-Ground Lightning
Yuko Suzuki, Tomoyuki Suzuki, Masashi Kamogawa
1:00-2:40P-09-07: Preliminary Reports of Summer Sprite Observation Campaign at Summit of Mt. Fuji, Japan
Yuko Suzuki, Tomoyuki Suzuki, Masashi Kamogawa, Kenichi Kusunoki
1:00-2:40P-09-08: Sprite climatology in the eastern Mediterranean region
Yoav Yair, Colin Price, Keren Mezuman, Lior Rubanenko, Dor Katzenelson, Neta Rosenthal
1:00-2:40P-09-09: Summer Thunderstorm Associated with Cluster of Blue Jets and Starters in Japan
Tomoyuki Suzuki, Masashi Hayakawa, Yasuhide Hobara, Kenichi Kusunoki
1:00-2:40P-09-10: Gigantic Jets observed from San Andrés island (southwest Caribbean)
Oscar van der Velde, J. Montanyà, D. Aranguren, D. Romero, S. Soula
1:00-2:40P-09-11: Ground-based observations of unusual atmospheric light emissions
Jing Yang, Gaopeng Lu, Weilin Pan
1:00-2:40P-09-12: Lightning in the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere
Robert H. Holzworth, Michael P. McCarthy, Abram R. Jacobson, Michel L. Hutchins and Hao Zheng, R. F. Pfaff, J. R. Wygant, F. S. Mozer, James B. Brundell, George Hospodarsky
1:00-2:40P-09-13: Effect of the nonlinear atmospheric electric parameters at high altitudes on the propagation of lightning return stroke electromagnetic field
Qilin Zhang, Ye Tian, Gaopeng Lu
Preprint available
TARANIS - A satellite dedicated to the study of TLEs and TGFs
Jean-Louis Pinçon

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1:00 (Thurs.) Poster 10: Global Electric Circuit

Chair: Earle Williams
1:00-2:40P-10-01: Database of Borok Geophysical Observatory as information resource for global electrical circuit researches
Sergey Anisimov, Konstantin Aphinogenov, Aleksey Guriev, Eldar Dmitriev
1:00-2:40P-10-02: Evidence For Duirnal And Seasonal Variations Of The Local/Regional Convective Generators
Sergei V. Anisimov, Stanislav S. Davydenko, Eugene A. Mareev, Natalya M. Shikhova
1:00-2:40P-10-03: The influence of thunderstorm lightning on the global atmospheric electrical circuit
Vladimir Morozov
1:00-2:40P-10-04: Parameterizing Total Storm Conduction Currents Derived in a Global Model
Christina Kalb, Wiebke Deierling, Andreas Baumgaertner and Douglas Mach
1:00-2:40P-10-05: On the Description of Thunderstorm Generators and Its Relation to the Impact of Large-Scale Conductivity Inhomogeneities on the Ionospheric Potential
Evgeny Mareev, N. N. Slyunyaev, A. V. Kalinin
1:00-2:40P-10-06: Synchronisation of the main Global Electric Circuit generators from ground-level electric field (Ez) measurements at three distant locations on the globe at middle and high latitudes
Marek Kubicki, A. Odzimek, N.G Kleimenova, O. V. Kozyreva, M. Neska
WithdrawnP-10-W: Measurements of Atmospheric Electric Field, Aerosols, and Clouds on the Research-Vessel Hakuho Maru for Global Electric Circuit Study
Kosei Ohhora, Masashi Kamogawa
1:00-2:40P-10-07: Ground-level atmospheric electricity under low-level stratiform clouds
Anna Odzimek, Marek Kubicki, Piotr Barański
1:00-2:40P-10-08: A Microwave Retrieval Algorithm of Above Cloud Electric Fields
Michael J. Peterson and Chuntao Liu
1:00-2:40P-10-09: Links between mesopause temperatures and ground-based narrow band VLF amplitudes
Israel Silber, Colin Price, Craig Rodger and Christos Haldoupis
1:00-2:40P-10-10: Vertical Magnetic Field Measurements of the Schumann Resonances
Colin Price and Eli Galanti
1:00-2:40P-10-11: Calculation of the Ionospheric Potential in Steady-State and Non-Steady-State Models of the Global Electric Circuit
Nikolay N. Slyunyaev, A. V. Kalinin, E. A. Mareev, A. A. Zhidkov
1:00-2:40P-10-12: Impact of the extraordinary solar activity of October/November 2003 on the upper boundary of the Earth-ionosphere cavity resonator
Gabriella Satori, Vadim Mushtak, Earle Williams, Colin Price, Veronika Barta
1:00-2:40P-10-13: Global Circuit Response to the 11-Year Solar Cycle: Changes in Source or in Medium?
Earle Williams, Anirban Guha, Robert Boldi, Gabriella Satori, Ralph Markson, Alexander Koloskov and Yuri Yampolski
1:00-2:40P-10-14: Spectral analysis of the daily Rhode Island Schumann resonance data
Robert Boldi, Earle Williams, Anirban Guha
WithdrawnP-10-15: ELF Observation in China and Its initial Analysis in Lightning SR Band
Qilin Zhang, Yin Feng, Tongtong Ji

2:30 (Thurs.) Break

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2:45 (Thurs.) Oral 09: Lightning Effects on the Middle and Upper Atmosphere

Chairs: Serge Soula, Evgeny Mareev
2:45O-09-01: On the Upward Propagation of Gigantic Jet Leaders
Caitano L. da Silva, Victor P. Pasko
3:00O-09-02: Bidirectional development of sprite-producing lightning flashes mapped by the Ebro Lightning Mapping Array
Oscar van der Velde, J. Montanyà, S. Soula, N. Pineda, J. Mlynarczyk
3:15O-09-03: Schumann Resonance spectral characteristics: A useful tool to study Transient Luminous Events (TLEs) on a global scale
Anirban Guha, Earle Williams, Robert Boldi, Gabriella Satori, Tamás Nagy, Joan Montanyà and Pascal Ortega
3:30O-09-04: Global Lightning and Sprite Measurements from International Space Station
Tomoo Ushio, Mitsuteru Sato, Takeshi Morimoto, Makoto Suzuki, Atsushi Yamazaki, Yasuhide Hobara, Masayuki Kikuchi, Umran Inan, Ivan Linscott, Ryohei Ishida, Yukihiro Takahashi, Yuji Sakamoto, Z-I Kawasak
3:45O-09-05: Ionospheric Variations in Response to Lightning Discharges and Their Parental Thunderstorms
Xuan-Min Shao, Erin Lay, Abram Jacobson
4:00O-09-06: Large Charge Moment Change Lightning in an Oklahoma Mesoscale Convective System
Timothy Lang, Steven Cummer, Danyal Petersen, Lizxandra Flores-Rivera, Walt Lyons, Donald MacGorman, William Beasley

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4:20 (Thurs.) Oral 10: Global Electric Circuit

Chairs: Stanislav Davydenko, Doug Mach
4:20O-10-01: Conductivity-model parameterization for the effect of non-electrified clouds to the Global Electric Circuit
Andreas J. G. Baumgaertner, Greg M. Lucas, Sotirios A. Mallios, Jeff Thayer
4:35O-10-02: On the variability of Wilson currents by storm type and phase
Wiebke Deierling, Christina Kalb, Douglas Mach, Chuntao Liu and Michael Petersen
4:50O-10-03: Global Electric Circuit Variability in a GCM Model
Evgeny Mareev and E.M. Volodin
5:05O-10-04: The diurnal cycle of global thunderstorm clusters
Keren Mezuman, Colin Price, Eli Galanti
5:20O-10-05: Schumann Resonance observations from the Central Pacific (Tahiti)
Pascal Ortega, Anirban Guha, Earle Williams, Gabriella Satori

5:35 (Thurs.) Registration ends

6:45 (Thurs.) Leave for Banquet at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Natural History Museum

Friday, 20 June

8:00 Registration opens

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8:15 (Fri.) Oral 11: Lightning Climatology and Chemical Effects

Chairs: Colin Price, Jim Dye
8:15O-11-01: Severe Thunderstorms as observed from TRMM PR and LIS in South America
Evandro M. Anselmo, Carlos A. Morales
8:30O-11-02: Lightning Characteristics of Severe Storms in Southern Brazil
Cesar Beneti, Augusto J. Pereira Filho, Leonardo Calvetti, Eloa Damian
8:45O-11-03: The Kinematic and Microphysical Control of Lightning Rate, Extent and NOx Production
Lawrence Carey, William Koshak, Harold Peterson, Retha Matthee and A. Lamont Bain
9:00O-11-04: Mapping the Impact of Terrain on Lightning Incidence and Multiple Ground Contacts in Cloud-to-ground Flashes
Kenneth Cummins
9:15O-11-05: Do aerosols affect lightning?: A global study of a relation between aerosol optical depth and cloud to ground lightning
Beata Kucienska, G. B. Raga, Ilan Koren, Orit Altaratz
9:30O-11-06: Sferics Timing And Ranging NETwork - STARNET: 8 years of measurements in South America
Carlos A. Morales, João R. Neves, Evandro A. Moimaz, Keyla Sampaio Camara
9:45O-11-07: A model study of the feedbacks between lightning activity and atmospheric temperature and composition changes
Ludmila Kolomeets, Sergei P. Smyshlyaev, Timofei Sukhodolov
10:00O-11-08: A WRF-Chem flash rate parameterization scheme and LNOx analysis of the 29-30 May 2012 convective event in Oklahoma during DC3
Kristin Cummings, Kenneth Pickering, Mary Barth, Megan Bela, Yunyao Li, Dale Allen, Eric Bruning, Don MacGorman, Andrew Weinheimer, Ilana Pollack, Thomas Ryerson, Heidi Huntrieser, Steven Rutledge and Brody Fuchs
10:15O-11-09: Simulated Thunderstorm Electrification Comparing Bin and Bulk Microphysics
Edward Mansell

10:30 (Fri.) Break

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10:30-12:15 (Fri.) Poster 11: Lightning Climatology and Chemical Effects

Chair: Ron Holle
WithdrawnP-11-01: Remote sensing analysis of effects of lightning NOx production in China
Dongjie Cao, Jin Qi and Shuang Xi
10:30-12:15P-11-02: Variation of a Lightning NOx Indicator for National Climate Assessment
William Koshak, Eugene W. McCaul, Jr., Harold S. Peterson, Brian Vant-Hull
10:30-12:15P-11-03: Estimates of Lightning NOx Production Per Flash from OMI NO2 and Lightning Observations
Kenneth Pickering, Eric Bucsela, Dale Allen, Kristin Cummings, Yunyao Li, Donald Macgorman, Eric Bruning
10:30-12:15P-11-04: Simulations of lightning-generated NOx for parameterized convection in the WRF-Chem model
Mary Barth, John Wong, Megan Bela, Ken Pickering, Yunyao Li, Kristin Cummings
10:30-12:15P-11-05: Distribution of Lightning activity and NO2 columns by satellite observations over Tibetan Plateau and estimation of lightning-generated NOX in China
Xiaoyu Ju, Fengxia Guo, Xia Li (Peng Zhao)
WithdrawnP-11-06W: Lightning impact on surface ozone in urban and rural environment
Savka Petrova, Ventsislav Danchovski, Rumjana Mitzeva
10:30-12:15P-11-07: Lightning Urban Effect over Major Large Cities in Brazil
Kleber P. Naccarato, Diovane R. Campos, Victor H. P. Meireles
WithdrawnP-11-08: Lightning enhancement in the Amazon region due to urban activity
Osmar Pinto Jr., Iara R.C.A. Pinto
10:30-12:15P-11-09: About the variations of thunderstorms days over the city of Belém, located near the equator, in the last 50 years
Anderson Sales, O. Pinto Jr., I.R.C.A. Pinto
WithdrawnP-11-10: Study on Thunderstorm Development and Evolution in the East China Coastal Metropolitan Area
Jianhua Dai, Yuan Wang, Lan Tao, and Min Sun
10:30-12:15P-11-11: The Observation of Three Dimensional Lightning activity Characteristics in ChongQing Area
Cai Li, Wang Jianguo, Dong Wansheng
10:30-12:15P-11-12: Lightning Activity in the Southern Coast of Chile
M. Gabriela Nicora, René D. Garreaud, Rodrigo E. Bürgesser, Eldo E. Ávila, Eduardo J. Quel
10:30-12:15P-11-13: Characteristic of Thunderstorm and Lightning of Interior Plateau in China
Yang Zhao, Xiangzhen Kong, Huaibin Wang, Tong Zhang
10:30-12:15P-11-14: Climatic lightning activity and its correlations with meteorological parameters in South China
Dong Zheng, Yijun Zhang
10:30-12:15P-11-15: Total Lightning Climatology for Oklahoma using the Oklahoma Lightning Mapping Array
Stephanie Weiss, Donald R. MacGorman and Eric C. Bruning
10:30-12:15P-11-16: Total Lightning Information in a 5-Year Thunderstorm Climatology
Benjamin Herzog, Kristin M. Calhoun, Donald R. MacGorman
10:30-12:15P-11-17: Inverted polarity intra-cloud flashes in the Great Plains region of the United States
Timothy Hamlin, Xuan-Min Shao, and Erin Lay
10:30-12:15P-11-18: Lightning, convective rain and solar activity study over different parts of India
Devendraa Siingh, P. S. Buchunde and Asha Nath
10:30-12:15P-11-19: Lightning and convective rain over Indian peninsular and Indo-China Peninsular region
Pallavi S. Buchunde, Devendraa Siingh, R.P. Singh
Preprint Available
P-11-20: Variability of lightning flash and thunderstorm over east China and Indonesia on ENSO time scales
Tie Yuan and Yuelun Di
10:30-12:15P-11-21: Seasonal and Diurnal Cycle of the thunderstorms observed in South America
Evandro M. Anselmo, Carlos A. Morales
10:30-12:15P-11-22: New Evidence on the Diurnal Variation of Peak Current in Cloud to Ground Lightning
Themis Chronis, Said, R., Cummins , K., Koshak, W., McCaul E., Williams, E.R., Grant, M.
10:30-12:15P-11-23: Diurnal lightning variability over the Gulf Stream
Katrina Virts, John M. Wallace, Michael L. Hutchins, and Robert H. Holzworth
10:30-12:15P-11-24: Temporal distribution of lightning activity over Indian region in different seasons
Sunil D. Pawar, P. Murugavel and V. Gopalkrishan
10:30-12:15P-11-25: Diurnal cycle of lightning activity over continental regions
Rodrigo Bürgesser, N.E. Castellano, M.G. Nicora and E.E. Ávila
10:30-12:15P-11-26: High resolution total lightning climatology from 16 years of TRMM Lightning Imaging Sensor observations
Rachel I. Albrecht, Steve J. Goodman, Richard J. Blakeslee, Dennis E. Buechler
10:30-12:15P-11-27: The method for regional lightning frequency statistics based on the inpolygon
Zhongjiang Yang, Ke Jiang, Hongliang Cao, Jiayi Lou
10:30-12:15P-11-28: A Multi-Dimensional Analytic Method of Lightning Locating Big Data
Han Li, Wenjun Zhou, and Yurong Deng, Shiyang Zhu

12:15 (Fri.) Lunch

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1:15 Poster 12: Lightning Detection Technologies

Chair: Hugh Christian
Preprint Available
P-12-01: Spectral Characteristics of Discharge Phenomena in Artificial Thunderclouds
Alexander Temnikov, Olga S. Belova, Leonid L. Chernenskiy
1:15-2:45P-12-02: A Study on the Response of Microwave Radiometer Observations to Lightning-Superheated Column
Zhenhui Wang, Fangchao Hu,Yanli Chu, Xuefen Cao
1:15-2:45P-12-03: Technique for Reducing the Effects of Non-Linear Terms on Electric Field Measurements of Electric Field Sensor Arrays on Aircraft Platforms
Douglas Mach
1:15-2:45P-12-04: Propagation characteristics of VHF waves recorded on the International Space Station
Hiroshi Kikuchi, Takeshi Morimoto, Tomoo Ushio, Mitsuteru Sato, Atsushi Yamazaki and Makoto Suzuki
1:15-2:45P-12-05: A Tool to Validate GLM Data
Monte Bateman
1:15-2:45P-12-06: Development and Evaluation of detection algorithm for FY-4 Geostationary Lightning Imager (GLI) measurement
Dongjie Cao, Fuxiang Huang and Xiushu Qie
1:15-2:45P-12-07: Documenting Changes in Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) Statistics
Dennis Buechler, Hugh Christian
1:15-2:45P-12-08: Location accuracy evaluation of lightning location systems using natural lightning flashes recorded by a network of high-speed cameras
Jéferson Alves, Antonio C. V. Saraiva, Osmar Pinto Jr., Leandro Z. S. Campos and Larissa Antunes
1:15-2:45P-12-09: São Paulo Lightning Mapping Array (SP-LMA): Network Assessment and Analyses for Intercomparison Studies and GOES-R Proxy Activities
Jeffrey Bailey, R. J. Blakeslee, L.D. Carey, S. J. Goodman, S.D. Rudlosky, R. Albrecht, C. A. Morales, E.M. Anselmo, J.R. Neves
1:15-2:45P-12-10: Validation of Cloud-to-Ground (CG) Lightning Flash Discriminations Obtained from Two Different Lightning Data Processing Programs by the Reference E-Field Recordings
Jerzy Konarski, Piotr Baranski, Marek Kubicki, Marek Morawski, Aneta Maciszewska
1:15-2:45P-12-11: Comparing a regional, subcontinental, and long-range lightning location system over the Benelux and France
Dieter Poelman, Françoise Honoré, Graeme Anderson, and Stéphane Pédeboy
1:15-2:45P-12-12: Analysis of Guinea-Conakry Lightning Network
Christopher Sloop, Ari Davidov, Charlie Liu, Stan Heckman and Mark Hoekzema
WithdrawnP-12-W: Means for Calibration of Lightning Detection Systems
Silverio Visacro, Claudia Mesquita and Miguel Guimaraes
1:15-2:45P-12-14: An Update on Testing the Performance Characteristics of the ENTLN
Shreeharsh Mallick, V.A. Rakov, T. Ngin, W.R. Gamerota, J.T. Pilkey, J.D. Hill, M.A. Uman, D.M. Jordan, S. Heckman, C.D. Sloop, and C. Liu
WithdrawnP-12-15: Peak Current Analysis of Negative Flashes Detected by E-fast Antenna and BrasilDat Lightning Location System
Claudia Medeiros, Kleber P. Naccarato; Osmar Pinto Jr., Marcelo M. F. Saba; Carina Schummann and Stan Heckman
1:15-2:45P-12-16: Some practical issues in thunder source arrival direction finding
Shanqiang Gu, Han Zhang, Wanxing Feng, Yuhe Fang , Juntian Guo
1:15-2:45P-12-17: The Development of the Lightning Detection Network based on Boltek StormTracker hardware
Fedor A. Kuterin, Alexey A. Bulatov and Yuriy V. Shlugaev
1:15-2:45P-12-18: New Methods For Detection Of The Global Lightning Activity Using Schumann Resonance
Michal Dyrda, Andrzej Kulak, Janusz Mlynarczyk, Michal Ostrowski, Jerzy Kubisz, Adam Michalec, and Zenon Nieckarz
WithdrawnP-12-19: Positioning of Electrical Tropical Thunderstorms in antennas VLF through Google Earth and Time of Arrival
Freddy Narea, Luis Moreno, Nelson Falcón, Amilkar Quintero
1:15-2:45P-12-20: Simultaneous optical and electrical signals detection and location system of lightning
Peng Li, Yi Zheng, Jiang-bing Fan, Zhen Xiang
Preprint available
P-12-21W: Atmospheric Electric Field Mill Network Deployment in Southeastern of Brazil
Flavio Magina, Kleber Naccarato, Osmar Pinto Junior, Luis Henrique Alonso, Diovane Campos, Diogo Borsoi, Arthur Mello, Cristiano Simomura, Marco Antonio da Silva Ferro, Jorge Yamasaki and Douglas Roberto
1:15-2:45P-12-22: Lightning Warning System
Carlos A. Morales, João R. Neves, Evandro M. Anselmo, Marcio Mathias, Cesar Rabak and Keyla Sampaio Camara
1:15-2:45P-12-23: An Integrated Weather System with Electrical Measurements
Gilca Palma, Sandra I. Saad, Carlos A. Morales, João R. Neves, Giovani Amianti, Daniel Z. Moura, Juliano F. Abreu, Fabiano B. D'Acunti

2:45 (Fri.) Break

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3:00 (Fri.) Oral 12: Lightning Detection Technologies

Chairs: Zen Kawasaki, Paul Krehbiel
3:00O-12-01: Using Lightning Mapper Array to evaluate the lightning detection signatures at different technologies
Rachel I. Albrecht, Carlos A. Morales, Clara M. N. Iwabe, Marcelo M. F. Saba
3:15O-12-02: Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) for the International Space Station (ISS): Mission Description and Science Goals
Richard Blakeslee, H. J. Christian, M. F. Stewart, D.M Mach, M. Bateman, T.D. Walker, D. E. Buechler, W. J. Koshak, S. O'Brien, T. Wilson, E.C. Colley, T. Abbott, J. Carter, S. Pavelitz, C. Coker
3:30O-12-03: The Geostationary Lightning Mapper Theoretical and Predicted Performance
Hugh J. Christian, Phillip Bitzer, Karen Gehno, Samanatha Edgington
3:45O-12-04: ENTLN Status Update
Stan Heckman
4:00O-12-05: Deducing Locations and Charge Moment Changes of Lightning Discharges by ELF Network Observations in Japan
Yasuhide Hobara, Takahiro Inoue, Masashi Hayakawa, and Kazuo Shiokawa
4:15O-12-06: VHF lightning observations by digital interferometry from ISS / JEM-GLIMS
Takeshi Morimoto, Hiroshi Kikuchi, Tomoo Ushio, Zen-Ichiro Kawasaki, Mitsuteru Sato, Atsushi Yamazaki, and Makoto Suzuki
4:30 (Moved
from O-03-06)
O-12-07: On The Possibility That Lightning is Initiated by Cosmic-Ray Extensive Air Showers
William Beasley, Eric Benton, Kenneth Eack, Danyal Petersen
4:45O-12-08: Spaced observations of lightning discharges over a wide frequency range
Yu. V. Shlyugaev, E.A. Mareev, F.A. Kuterin, A. Bulatov
5:00O-12-09: Short-Baseline Time-Difference of Arrival Observations on Lightning Discharge
Zhuling Sun, Xiushu Qie, Mingyuan Liu

5:15 (Fri.) Closing Ceremony