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Realtime Weather-Adaptive 3DVAR Analysis

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I am currently a research meteorologist for National Severe Storm Laboratory (NSSL)/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and adjunct faculty member of School of Meteorology/University of Oklahoma (OU). I earned all my academic degrees from Lanzhou University (BS 1988; MS 1991; PhD 1994), and have been working on radar data assimilation research area for about 16 years since I got my PhD. My current major interest is in improving short-term storm prediction using WSR-88D radar data and data assimilation technique. Unlike many other meteorologists here who love to chase storms or even tornadoes, I would rather stay indoors and play with complex formulae and computers. I consider myself as a part-time scientist who conducts scientific research and part-time software engineer who develops data assimilation program for numerical weather prediction models.


My research focuses on variational atmospheric data assimilation (3DVAR/4DVAR), ensemble based data assimilation, and their applications to Doppler radar data quality control, single/multiple Doppler velocity retrieval, and assimilating radar data into high resolution Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models. Together with my colleagues mainly at Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (CAPS) and NSSL, I have authored and co-authored over 40 refereed journal articles and about 60 non-refereed conference publications in these research areas, and have generated over $1 million in external research grant as a Principal Investigator (PI) and over $3 million research grant as a Co-PI during the past 16 years. I also have devoted a lot of time into development of both 3DVAR/4DVAR system for the Advanced Regional Prediction System (ARPS), a nonhydrostatic mesoscale and storm scale NWP model.

My total publication citation number of I10-index in Google Schoolar is above 3000 since 2017


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