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VORTEX2 Risk Analysis and Mitigation Project (V2RAMP)

Project News

Welcome to the VORTEX2 Risk Analysis and Mitigation Project.

Status for Friday June 13: Updated at 12:30 AM CDT
More success today as real-time SR1 volumetric data were seen in real-time in the HWT, and the MMs sampled storms SW of Wichita KS. The final tests were also completed of the RVP8 signal processing matrix for V2 scanning strategies, and a decent data set was collected from an undercut supercell S of ICT tonight.

The V2RAMP program has completed its work for spring 2008.

Thanks to all helping make V2RAMP a great success. Conrad, Mike, Ted, Don, and myself want to thank all the participants and helpers from NSSL, CIMMS, and OU which enabled us to meet all of our goals set out for this project. A lot of people pitched in even when the project was not really theirs - that is what is wonderful about working in our organizations - everyone is there to help. We want to especially thank Doug Kennedy, Karen Cooper, Gordon Carrie, and Kurt Hondl for a lot of extra time put in over the last month or so in getting the real-time systems to get data to the FC and HWT to work. Those extra efforts will pay off in a large way over the next few years.

V2RAMP was successful because of the combined efforts of:

Terra Thompson, Dan Betten, Renee Curry, Mike Buban, Sean Waugh, Dung Pham, Allison Silveria, Patrick Marsh
Mike Coniglio, Kim Elmore, Doug Kennedy, Sherman Frederick, Dennis Nealson, Gordon Carrie, Vicki Farmer
Dave Rust, Kurt Hondl, Karen Cooper, Kevin Manross, Tracy Reinke, Dave Dowell, Bob Rabin

and finally,

thanks to the NOAA-HPCC program and the NSSL Director's discretionary research fund (DDRF) (e.g., Jeff, Kevin, Doug, and Dave) for their unwavering support for this \"pre-V2\" testing as well as their support of the upcoming VORTEX-2 program.

We will prepare a summary of efforts for NOAA-HPCC as well as what we think VORTEX-2 should (and should not) do in order to have the best chance of success during 2009 and 2010. We are certainly a lot better prepared for next year as we learned many good lessons from our work the past months.

Again - thanks to everyone - and see you next spring!

Mike, Don, Conrad, Ted, and Lou

updated 13 Jun 2008, 3:04pm

Phased Array Radar and SMART Radar vehicle

Phased Array Radar (left) and SMART Radar vehicle (right)

The V2RAMP (VORTEX-2 Risk Analysis and Mitigation Program) is designed to test the communication and data sharing technologies needed for the VORTEX-2 field program which is currently scheduled for spring 2009 and 2010 in the Great Plains. The principal goals are:

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Mike Biggerstaff, OU
Dr. Lou Wicker, NSSL
Dr. Conrad Ziegler, NSSL