NSSL's Awards and Honors

Gold Medal Award

Vincent Wood (NSSL) and James Purpura (NWS), 2003: "for instituting a program of disseminating NOAA’s National Weather Service hazardous weather warnings to the Oklahoma deaf and hard-of-hearing community through alphanumeric pagers."

National Severe Storms Laboratory, 1995: "for achieving scientific and technological breakthroughs leading to the continuous improvements in the national network of Doppler radars"

Dave Rust and Vlad Mazur, 1988: "for research accomplishments in understanding atmospheric electrification and extraordinary contributions to the Nation's aviation and space programs"

Silver Medal Award

Harold Brooks and Daphne Zaras, 2002: "for developing the first ever, highly accurate and accessible estimates of long-term threats from tornadoes, thunderstorm winds and large hail on any day anywhere in the contiguous U.S."

Stormscale Research and Applications Division, 1999: "for making significant enhancements to the National Weather Service (NWS) warning program through developing, testing and transferring tools from a prototype Warning Decision Support System to NWS operational systems."

Chuck Doswell, Ken Howard, Gary Grice and Stan Barnes, 1989: "for meritorious authorship and editing associated with 'A Guide for Operational Meteorological Research' "

Dave Rust, 1976: "for contributions . . . in suppressing lightning strokes in thunderstorms"

Bronze Medal

Ken Howard, Ami Arthur, Gina Cox, and Nathan Kuhnert, 2003: "for the development and operational implementation of the Flash Flood Monitoring and Prediction System"

Don Burgess, Kurt Hondl, Greg Stumpf, and Travis Smith, 2003: "for rapid and innovative actions in collecting, archiving and analyzing weather radar data to assist the Shuttle Columbia accident investigation."

Mike Jain, 2002: "for designing, developing, testing and deploying the NEXRAD Open Radar Product Generator"

Kevin Kelleher, 2001: "For developing and implementing the NOAA Advanced Research Network, providing a foundation for improved collaboration among universities and NOAA"

Ken Howard, 1998

J.T. Johnson, DeWayne Mitchell, Phillip Spencer, Arthur Witt, Greg Stumpf, and Pam MacKeen, 1997: "for dramatic improvements to NEXRAD severe weather detection algorithms that have improved skill by 50%, leading to reduced personal injuries and economic losses"

J.T. Johnson, 1997: "for showcasing U.S. technology and making major advances in the field of meteorology while providing weather support to the 1996 Olympic Games"

Dennis Nealson and Paul Griffin, 1995: "for fabrication of a mobile Doppler Weather Radar, the Doppler-on-Wheels, for close-in probing of severe supercell thunderstorms and tornadoes"

Dave Jorgensen, Tom Matejka, Brad Smull, 1994: "for critical conbributions in the design and execution of the turboprop research flight component of TOGA COARE"

Allen Zahrai, 1994: "for transforming the National Severe Storms Laboratory research radar into a remotely controlled polarimetric Doppler weather radar"

Bob Davies-Jones, 1985

Walter Watts, 1972

Presidential Rank Award

Jeff Kimpel, 2005
Dusan Zrnic, 2005

National Academy of Engineering Member

Dusan Zrnic, 2006

NOAA Outstanding Scientific Paper

Dick Doviak, 1980, 1982

OAR Outstanding Scientific Paper (ERL)

Igor R. Ivic, Dusan S. Zrnic, and Sebastian M. Torres.  2003
Dave Jorgensen; Lou Wicker; Bob-Davies-Jones and Jeff Trapp, 2002
Don MacGorman and Dave Rust; Jeff Trapp and Bob Davies-Jones; Dave Stensrud, John Cortinas, and Harold Brooks: 1999
Dave Stensrud, Conrad Ziegler, 1998
Harold Brooks and Chuck Doswell; Bob Davies-Jones, 1996
Bob Davies-Jones, 1995
Carl Hane, 199-:
Brad Smull and John Augustine, 1993
Mike Eilts, 1991
Bob Davies-Jones, 1986
Bob Davies-Jones, 1983
Rodger Brown, Les Lemon, and Don Burgess, 1979

NOAA RESEARCH Employee of the Year

Kevin Kelleher, 2002
Paul Griffin, 1998
Doug Forsyth, 1997
Dennis Nealson, 1997
Joy Walton, 1995
Mike Schmidt, 1995

NOAATech Award

Kevin Kelleher, Kurt Hondl, Greg Stumpf, Karen Cooper, Travis Smith, J.J. Gourley, Beth Clarke, Wen Wu Xia, 2003

NOAA Technology Transfer Award

Kevin Kelleher, Mark Benner, and Karen Cooper, 2004

NOAA Administrator's Award

Mike Eilts, 1998
Keli Tarp, 2002

NOAA Special Achievement Award

Rodger Brown, Don Burgess, and Les Lemon, for co-discovery of the Tornadic Vortex Signature, 1976

White House Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

Erik Rasmussen, 1998
Dave Stensrud, 1997

American Meteorological Society Editor's Award

Chuck Doswell, 1994: "for providing penetrating and thought-provoking reviews on numerous manuscripts submitted to Weather and Forecasting."
Bob Davies-Jones, 1986
Dusan Zrnic, 1993

American Meteorological Society Meisinger Award

Dave Stensrud, 1998

World Meteorological Organization Vilho Vaisala Award

Dusan Zrnic, Alexander Ryzhkov, 1995

National Weather Association Research Achievement Award

Chuck Doswell, 1995: "for outstanding contributions to operational research"

Langmuir Award for Excellence in Research

Dave Rust, 1994, 1977

FAA Excellence in Aviation Award

NSSL, 2002: "for contributions to the FAA's Aviation Weather Research Program"
Kim Elmore, 2002: "for outstanding contributions to the FAA Aviation Weather Research Program"

National Academy of Sciences member

Doug Lilly, 1999

Fellow of the AMS

Bob Davies-Jones, 1996
Dick Doviak, 1998
Jeff Kimpel, 1989
Doug Lilly, 19--
Dusan Zrnic, 1996

Fellow of IEEE

Dick Doviak, 1988
Dusan Zrnic, 1989

American Meteorological Society, president

Jeff Kimpel, 2000

Bob Maddox accepting Gold Medal Award for NSSL
Bob Maddox (center)

Harold Brooks
Harold Brooks

Paul Griffin and Dennis Nealson accepting Bronze Medals
Paul Griffin and Dennis Nealson

Pam Heinselman
Pam Heinselman

Allan Zahrai
Allan Zahrai

Doug Forsyth and Dennis Nealson
Doug Forsyth and Dennis Nealson

Bob Davies-Jones
Bob Davies-Jones

Doug Lilly
Doug Lilly

Jeff Kimpel
Jeff Kimpel

Kevin Kelleher
Kevin Kelleher

Walter Watts, Bronze Medal recipient in 1972
Walter Watts