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This episode of “That Weather Show” from the Norman NOAA Weather Partners includes information about the ground-breaking tornado research project. Includes insights from Lou Wicker and Don Burgess with the NOAA National Severe Storms Lab.

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Young NSSL researcher in the Development Lab

What career options are available to meteorology graduates?

A conversation with meteorology professionals, about their job duties and other fields of meteorology graduates can consider.

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NSSL scientist advising student

What do you need to know if you're thinking about pursuing a degree in meteorology?

A conversation with current and recently-graduated meteorology students, about what it's like to pursue a degree in meteorology.

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Car in flash flood

Flash Flood Safety in a Car

More than half of all people killed in floods are those in vehicles.

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Flooded house

Flash Flood Safety at Home

If you live in a low-lying area or near a river, stream, or dam then you need to be prepared to evacuate quickly.

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Truck destroyed in tornado

Tornado Safety in a Car

If you're driving on the road and see a tornado or hear a tornado warning over the radio for your location, you need to seek shelter immediately.

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House destroyed in tornado

Tornado Safety at Home

No matter where you are when a tornado approaches, the thing to remember is to take cover.

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