Dr. Kimberly L. Elmore

Research Associate
OU Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies

Team Leader: Severe Weather Warning Applications and Technology Transfer (FAA), SWAT-FAA Team


  • Ensemble forecasting techniques
  • Aviation meteorology
  • Microbursts
  • Mesoscale meteorology
  • Radar meteorology applied to severe storms

Current Projects and Research Interests:

  • Using cloud models to forecast convective storm lifetimes
  • Improved methods of single-Doppler circulation detection
  • Twenty-minute lightning threat forecasts
  • Improved downburst prediction using WSR-88D and environmental data
  • MCS demise predictions
  • Developing statistical applications for mesoscale forecasting and prediction

Recent presentations:


Contact Info:

University of Oklahoma/CIMMS
NOAA/National Severe Storms Laboratory
1313 Halley Circle
Norman, Oklahoma 73069

Last updated: February 26, 2002