Two Mesocyclones Detected as One

The image below contains reflectivity at Swp 1 and then 5, and SRV data at selected sweeps.  The SRV data increases in height from top to bottom and left to right. The point is to illustrate the existence of two independent circulations which the current version of the MDA was unable to separate. The blue, 2D shear segments are all labeled #14, meaning they comprise one 3D mesocyclone. The higher elevation segments, beginning at sweep 8, are the beginnings of a new mesocyclone aloft. However, the algorithm associates this new mesocyclone with the one lieing below sweep 8. This is both due to the proximity of the two circulations, and the fact that the low elevation mesocyclone is not evident at sweep 8. With only one 2D candidate to choose from, the algorithm "thinks" it is the continuation of the other mesocyclone.