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2013 Warn-on-Forecast and High Impact Weather Workshop

Tuesday, 5 February through Thursday, 7 February 2013
National Weather Center, 120 David L. Boren Blvd, Norman, Oklahoma 73072

  • Tues 5 Feb
  • Wed 6 Feb
  • Thurs 7 Feb
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Tuesday, 5 February

Technical Workshop on Numerical Guidance to Support Warn-on-Forecast

8:00 am
8:20 am
Welcome (Ken Howard and Bill Lapenta)

Session 1: Warn-on-Forecast: Vision and Customer Expectations
Moderator: Ken Howard

8:30 am
9:20 am
SPC expectations for WoF and benefits/value to ops (Schneider, Weiss) (.pptx, 43.4 MB)
9:40 am
10:00 am
Discussion period
10:30 am

Session 2: Warn-on-Forecast: EMC Needs and Expectations
Moderator: Steve Goodman

10:50 am
EMC needs and expectations (Lapenta et al.) (.pptx, 3.5 MB)
11:30 am
GSD perspective of WoF and benefit/value (Benjamin et al.) (.pptx, 11.4 MB)
12:00 pm
Lunch at NWC or in town

Session 3: Warn-on-Forecast: CAPS Experiences and Challenges
Moderator: Lou Wicker

1:15 pm

CAPS technical experiences (Brewster) (.pptx, 23.4 MB) + (3.6 MB)

CAPS experiences and challenges (Xue) (.pptx 42.5 MB)

  • RT CAPS ensemble and radar DA
  • RT CASA testbed analysis and forecasts
2:00 pm
Discussion period

Session 4: Warn-on-Forecast: New Observing Systems
Moderator: Bill Lapenta

2:30 pm
MRMS vision and plans (Howard) (.ppt, 53 MB)
2:50 pm
Radar requirements (Stensrud) (.pptx, 11.9 MB)
3:10 pm
GOES-R capabilities (Goodman) (.pptx, 55.9 MB)
3:30 pm

Session 5: Discussion: WoF Vision and Requirements
Moderators: Steve Koch and Bill Lapenta

4:00 pm


Possible topics:

  • Current barriers to WoF implementation
  • Computational and support requirements
  • Approaches for initial WoF testing? (regional/nested/adaptive)
  • Collaborations that could enhance R2O
5:15 pm
Meeting ends; adjourn
5:30 pm
Ice breaker in NWC atrium

Wednesday, 6 February

Warn-on-Forecast and High-Impact Weather Workshop

8:15 am
8:25 am
Welcome and Introductions (Lou Wicker, Steve Goodman)

Session 1: Warn-on-Forecast Overview and Status Reports
Moderator: Steve Koch

8:30 am
Warn-on-Forecast Project Progress (Wicker) (.pdf, 13.3 MB)
9:00 am
CAPS Warn on Forecast efforts (Xue) (.pptx, 30.6 MB)
9:30 am
GSD WoF report (Dowell) (.ppt, 10.9 MB)
10:00 am

EMC (Derber and DiMego)

10:30 am
10:45 am
Latest 3DVAR results (Gao) (.pptx 19 MB)
11:00 am
WoF Testing in the HWT (Smith) (.pptx,7.9 MB)
11:45 am
12:00 pm

Session 2: GOES-R Status and Applications
Moderator: Chris Velden

1:30 pm
GOES-R overview and NWP opportunities (Goodman) (.pptx, 21 MB)
2:00 pm
Simulated ABI data and convective initiation (Lindsey/Grasso) (.pptx, 55.7 MB)
2:15 pm
Cloudy radiances (Otkin) (.ppt, 6.7 MB)
2:45 pm
3:15 pm
3:45 pm
Lightning threat forecasts (McCaul) (.ppt, 588 kB)
4:00 pm
Lightning data assimilation (Fierro) (.ppt, 48 MB)
4:15 pm
Lightning data assimilation (Allen) (.pptx, 1.6 MB)
4:30 pm
Discussion: Satellite and radar data DA applications for convective forecasts
5:00 pm
Adjourn for day

Thursday, 7 February, Morning

Technical Workshop on Numerical Guidance to Support Warn-on-Forecast (cont.)

8:30 am
9:00 am
Weather threat continuum forecasting (Rothfusz) (.pptx, 19.2 MB)
9:30 am

Panel Discussion—"WoF and Decision Support Services"
Moderator: Kevin Kelleher

Focus: How can WoF help NWS as it transitions to a decision support paradigm?


  • D. Andra
  • R. Schneider
  • S. Weiss
  • L. Rothfusz
  • T. Smith
  • B. Bunting
10:30 am
11:00 am
Wrap-up Discussion (Wicker, Goodman)
12:00 pm
End of Warn-on-Forecast and High-Impact Weather Workshop
12:00 pm

Thursday, 7 February, Afternoon

Technical Workshop on Numerical Guidance to Support Warn-on-Forecast Revisited

1:30 pm

Discussion (Stensrud)

Topic: How can the workshop lead to changes or new perspectives with respect to needs, opportunities, or plans for development of an initial WoF capability.

3:00 pm

2013 Workshop Attendees

Participants from the 2013 Technical Workshop to support WoF Forecast and the Warn-on-Forecast/High Impact Weather Workshop