Warn on Forecast


The Warn-on-Forecast program is led by a project manager and overseen by a science advisory board with members representing the major organizations involved in leading the operational and research efforts. The role of the project leader is to oversee all parts of the project and to ensure that each organization contributes to the success of the project and the team. Working groups will be formed as needed to address each of the major tasks outlined in the project plan and according to the funding schedule. Each working group will select a group leader to interact more closely with project management and be a focal point for information dissemination.

WoF Project Leader
Louis Wicker, NSSL
WoF Science Advisory Board
Stan Benjamin, ESRL/GSD
Dave Andra, MIC Norman NWSFO
Lans Rothfusz, NSSL Deputy Director
Steven Koch, NSSL Director
Russ Schneider, NCEP/SPC
David Stensrud, NSSL
Ming Xue, CAPS Director
Bill Lapenta, NCEP Director
Steve Goodman, NOAA/NESDIS
Warn on Forecast collaborator logos