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The motivation of this website is to provide a platform for the near-realtime systematic evaluation for NSSL's experimental QPE products (Q2). Additional NWS products are available for comparisons. Q2 is a paradigm shift from the operational method used in the Multisensor Precipitation Estimator used by River Forecast Centers.

Next-generation QPE (Q2) products are experimental in nature. Q2 products can be derived from single or multiple sensors and can be combined in various ways.

TIP: Gauges can be overlayed on accumulations by selecting networks on the "Gauge" tab and returning to the "QPE" tab. The accumulated product must be then reselected. All HADS gauges are in after 2 hours.

TIP: Zooming in far enough allows the display of individual pixel/gate values. (Example)

QPE Sample

Q2 [Radar Only] 24 hr accumulation with overlay of gauges



QPE Tools

Within the mosaic tools, there is the ability to select showing either one product or the difference between any two products with the same units.