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Dual Polarization


The WSR-88D network is being upgraded to dual-polarization (DP) through use of a vertical waveform (Zv) that is compared to the horizontal waveform (Zh) to produce DP variable. The QVS website will be continually updated as new radars are upgraded. Data from DP radars are displayed individually and in native resolutions and polar format. These products are derived from Level 3 data from NCDC.

64 dual-polarization radars are ingested (as of 5/23/12). The lowest four tilts are displayed for each DP moment.

Note: to select different gauge networks for overlay, go to the gauge tab, select gauge networks and return to current tab.

"Legacy PPS" refers to conventional products from the Precipitation Processing System (PPS) computed in the ORPG and have resolution 1 km by 1 degree.

"DP QPE" refers to the new dual-pol products and have resolution .25 km by 1 degree. The various DP rainrate relations depend on the Hybrid Hydrometeor Classification algorithm. For more info and examples see: Rainfall Rate Relationships

For more info see: Warning Decision Training Branch Dual-Polarization Training and National Severe Storms Lab Polarmetric Doppler Radar.

TIP: The radar can only be selected using the lower-left window.

TIP: Gauges can be overlayed on accumulations by selecting networks on the "Gauge" tab and returning to the "Dual-pol" tab. The accumulated product must be then reselected. All HADS gauges are in after 2 hours.

TIP: Zooming in far enough allows the display of individual pixel/gate values. (Example)

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Hybrid Hydrometeor Classification for KICT



Dual Pol Tools

Within the mosaic tools, there is the ability to select showing either one product or the difference between any two products with the same units.

  • Two Product Difference using Legacy QPE and Dual Pol QPE