Welcome to the new QPE Verification Website tutorial. There are many new features, products, and methods for QPE evaluation and diagnosis. The tabs below correspond to those on the QVS page and contain examples of these.

QVS Data
What's new?

Dual-polarization radar data in native format: We are adding servers to accommodate all DP radars. Currently 46 radars are available with full gauge comparison functionality. This allows comparison of DP QPE with Legacy PPS as well as other QPEs.

Zooming: Click and drag with the mouse allows precise zooming. Lat/lons can be matched with previous zooms for areal size matching.

Looping: Most product images feature a looping tab for up to a 12 hr loop.

Manual gauge quality control: Users can click and remove gauges on the scatterplot and the displayed statistics will be modified.

Lists availability of derived products.
cross section
User-selected vertical cross sections. Individual or composite cross sections with terrain are available.
3D Mosaic
Products derived form the 3D reflectivity grids. Various reflectivity and severe weather products are available.
Vertical profiles of reflectivity used for determining precip type and radar adjustment methods.
Products specifically for the Federal Aviation Administration NextGen program.
Dual Pol
Base moments and derived products are ingested from NCDC and available for comparison with gauge data and other QPE products.
Advanced Q2 products as well as MPE Stage II and Stage IV.
Gauge data from various networks are used to validate radar data. Statistical metrics and manual quality control are available.
Infrared data for the CONUS is available.
RUC model
Products from the Rapid Update Model which replaces the RUC model.
Brightband information are available for diagnosing potential QPE artifacts susch as overestimating in the brightband area. Also includes radar blockage information.
time series
Time series for a large number of variables can be generated at a lat/lon point or gauge location.