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Next Generation QPE (Q2)

The next generation QPE (Q2) is the scientific and community-wide convergence towards high resolution, accurate QPE and very short term quantitative precipitation forecast (VSTQPF).

Q2 will glean the best practices of the MPE (Multisensor QPE - Office of Hydrologic Development) and NMQ (NSSL).  Q2 continues NSSL's departure from radar-centric precipitation estimation and moves toward a multi-sensor approach focused on high-resolution integration of radar, satellite, model, and surface observations to produce very high-resolution precipitation estimates.

The Q2 project is a joint initiative between the NOAA/NSSL, NOAA/NWS/OHD and the NOAA Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services (OCWSS) and the university research community to improve river forecasts, flood and flash flood watches and warnings as well as to enhance various hydrologic and hydrometeorological services for numerous users and customers.

Q2 Focus Areas

Q2 focus areas:

Q2 will improve precipitation estimation by: