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Stratiform Rain vs Snow

[Image is a graph showing a large yelllow area of stratiform rain, a tiny orange area of convective rain, and a small area in blue showing ground clutter, all embedded in a larger green area of snow.]

Note ground clutter, stratiform rain, and convective rain. The color code means, AP=ground clutter and anomalous propagation clutter BS=biological scatterers (insects and birds); DS= dry snow; WS=wet snow; SR= stratiform rain; CR=convective rain; RH= rain and hail. Radar is in the center, where blues color indicates ground clutter. The temperatures on the surface are in degrees C. Stratiform rain to the south of radar extends much further than to the north because there is a cold front coming from the North. That is where snow is falling. Also the image is on a conical surface with the apex at the radar, therefore with distance the height increases and the radar beam enter a snow region beyond some range, elevation is 0.5 deg.