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Staggered PRT

[Slide compares KTLX Doppler velocity with VCP 11-batch mode to KOUN Doppler velocity using staggered PRT]

Left panel: Velocity field obtained with the operational WSR-88D (Twin Lakes Ė KTLX). Note the pink area beyond 148 km. The maximum measurable velocity is 25.4 m/s. Circled are problematic data, such as pink where velocity can not be measured, or mixed green and red where aliasing has occurred.

Right panel: Velocity field obtained by the NSSLís radar in staggered PRT mode from the same event. The two radars are spaced by about 20 km. Note that distance of correct velocity measurement is 184 km and the maximum measurable values is 45.2 m/s. Further there is no aliasing whatsoever.