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Doppler spectra of Tornadoes

  1. Notes:
    1955: James Q. Brantley of the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory (CAL) built a CW radar for the detection of weather motions (Brantley and Barczys, 6th Weather Radar Conference, 1957). This CW Doppler radar (or one like it) was a Navy radar modified by Brantley for use by the United States Weather Bureau (USWB) in 1957, 58, and 59 in attempts to detect tornados on the Great Plains. On June 10th, 1958, a major tornado entered the city of El Dorado, Kansas and was observed with the USWBs CW Doppler radar.
  2. 1973, Dusan analyzed time series data obtained from the Stillwater Tornado.
  3. 1977, The high PRF capability that was added to the Norman Doppler radar was a cooperative effort between OU (Dr. Tuma) and NSSL.