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The Norman Doppler is operational in 1971

[Image shows the completed building with the new NSSL building and the WSR-57 visible in the background]

I doubt this is a photo from 1971 because there appears to be an air conditioning unit to the right; I know we did not have air conditioning in the early 1970s. I Need to point out that the WSR-57 radar in the background was for many years useful in guiding data collection with the Doppler radar because NSSL did not have real time displays, and because data collection had to be confined to relatively narrow sectors. This limitation was due to the fact that the digital recordings of time series data was confined to 16 ranges that were shifted in a block to span a selected range while the antenna slowly scanned in azimuth. The WSR-57 provided surveillance at all ranges and azimuths so that decisions could be made as to where to direct the Doppler scans.