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1998 City Tour

5/6 Hartford, Connecticut Science Center of Connecticut
5/8 Boston, Massachusetts Children's Museum or Museum of Science
5/12 Chicago, Illinois Museum of Science and Industry
5/18 Atlanta, Georgia Fernbank Museum of Science and Industry
5/21 Cleveland, Ohio Great Lakes Science Center
5/26 Detroit, Michigan Detroit Science Center
5/28 Philadelphia, Pennsylavania Franklin Institute
6/2 Baltimore, Maryland Maryland Science Center
6/3 Washington, D. C. Capital Children's Museum
6/9 Jacksonville, Florida
6/11 Miami, Florida
6/15 West Palm Beach, Florida
6/17 Tampa, Florida
6/19 Orlando, Florida Orlando Science Center
6/17 Tampa, Florida
6/23 Charlotte, North Carolina
6/25 Raleigh, North Carolina
7/2 Nashville, Tennessee
7/7 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
7/10 New York, New York Hall of Science
7/14 St. Louis, Missouri St. Louis Science Center
7/16 Minneapolis, Minnesota
7/21 New Orleans, Louisiana
NSSL's mobile lab and posters are on display in the parking area during the Atlanta tour.Les Showell shows off NSSL's mobile laboratory and demonstrates equipment used for storm intercept.

NSSL Mobile Laboratory and poster displays with the Twister Truck.
FOX station in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Twister Truck and mobile lab await visitors in Atlanta.

Twister Truck and Mobile Laboratory
Fernbank Museum of Science and Industry
Atlanta, Georgia

Fans in Detroit watch a video outside the Twister Truck Local fans visit the Twister Truck

Twister Truck
Detroit Science Center
Detroit, Michigan