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   David D. Turner, Ph.D.
      Global Systems Division
      Earth System Research Laboratory
      Email: dave.turner (at)
      Voice: 303-497-6097
      ResearcherID E-5180-2016, ORCID 0000-0003-1097-897X

Research Activities

  • Boundary layer thermodynamic and dynamic structure, diurnal evolution, convection and convective initiation, and other processes
  • Passive and active remote sensing of boundary layer thermodynamic and dynamic structure
  • Life cycle of clouds with very low liquid water paths (< 100 g/m2) and their impact on the radiative energy budget of the atmosphere, especially when influenced by aerosol
  • Retrieving microphysical properties in mixed-phase clouds, and investigating the importance of the two phases on the radiative energy budget, with a focus on Arctic clouds
  • Longwave radiative transfer, especially at low water vapor amounts in the Arctic and upper troposphere
  • Radiative transfer and light scattering in ice clouds, and appropriately accounting for the shape of the ice particles
  • More detailed narrative

Current and Past Students and Post-Docs