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Data Collection Team Duties

The data collection team consists of a mix of students and scientists from OU and NSSL. There will always be a scientist either on-duty or on-call during operations. A typical data collection period will have three to five people collecting data with one person serving as operations coordinator (OC) with possibly an assistant OC. The coordinator will typically make decisions on the type of storms to investigate as well as which storms in particular should be examined. They may take part in data collection as well, depending on workload. The rest of the team will be involved in collecting data from the public about hail size and duration.

During the project, operations may occur on any day of the week, and student participants should expect to work 35 to 40 hours each week. Operations will typically be from around 1 pm to 9 pm CDT, but earlier in some cases. The primary duty of student participants is data collection; however, there will likely be less-active days were additional data analysis and other duties will be performed.

Operations Coordinator and OC Assistant:

  • select storms for interrogation
  • select "call targets" from available phone number databases
  • coordinate with other Hazardous Weather Testbed projects
  • help maintain communication among all participants during operations
  • monitor computer systems for any problems
  • call end of operations

Data Collection Team:

  • check operations status message at 11:45 am each day
  • select "call targets" from available list after the storm passes the location
  • call the targets and conduct survey
  • enter and check the data
  • communicate with OC and each other to ensure the best data collection strategies

YearSHAVE Team MembersSHAVE ScientistsOther SHAVE participants*
2006Chad Echols
Angelyn Kolodziej
Chip Legett
James Miller
Christa Riley
Rachael Sigler
JJ Gourley
Kevin Manross
Kiel Ortega
Kevin Scharfenberg
Travis Smith
Arthur Witt
Don Burgess
Patrick Marsh
Greg Stumpf
2007Steve Irwin
Angelyn Kolodziej
Christa Riley
Brett Roberts
2008Jenifer Bowen
Jessica Erlingis
Margaret Frey
Steve Irwin
Tiffany Meyer
Kelsey Mulder
2009Lamont Bain
Erika Kohler
James Miller
Cory Mottice
Nicole Ramsey
Brandon Smith
2010Abraham Frei-Pearson
Bethany Hardzinski
Brian Salsieder
Brian Squitieri
Brandon Wesbury
2011Bethany Hardzinski
Brian Koch
Craig Schwer
Brandon Wesbury
2012Arielle Ahrens
Sam Coldiron
Zach Davis
Sean Dougherty
Bethany Hardzinski
Brian Koch
Shannon Kohake
Brent Pesel
Aaron Treadway
2013Jordan Christian
Zach Davis
JP Fowler
Wolfgang Hanft
Shannon Kohake
Garrett Layne
Skylar Williams
2014Kevin Biehl
Rachel Gaal
Paul Goree
Corey Howard
David King
Brittany Newman
2015Mary Anne Beers
Taylor Faires
Bria Hieatt
Derek Rosseau
Alexandra Wright
*-primarily those who have helped with damage surveys and ratings

SHAVE would like to thank the following individuals/organizations for their support of the project:
  • The National Severe Storms Laboratory, especially the Director's Office and the National Weather Radar Testbed/Phased Array Radar
  • The National Weather Service Forecast Office in Norman, OK, especially Rick Smith (WCM), for their assistance and coordination with damage surveys
  • Robert Coggins, Karen Cooper, Vicki Farmer, Zac Flamig, Doug Kennedy, and Joe Young for their computer support