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Examples of SHAVE verification

Below are some images of good examples of the type of verification SHAVE can accomplish. (Page best viewed with a screen resolution of 1280x1024)

27 July 2006-Lac qui Parle County, MN

Tornadic supercell which produced a strong RFD resulting in some wind damage and hail up to golf ball size. The SHAVE report near the wind path did report some knocked down trees. This image illustrates some inaccuracies in Storm Data and one major shortcoming: linear descriptions of events.

16 July 2007-Johnson County, IA

A good example of some shortcomings with respect to data available from Storm Data. Here, only one hail (golf ball) report is available from Storm Data while SHAVE has a swath with maximums exceeding 2" and several reports of wind damage.

10 June 2008-Graham County, KS

Another example of some inaccuracies present in Storm Data. While the long line from Storm Data is a summary of the SHAVE reports, it starts to the west of where SHAVE reports truly start and only has one size (4.5 inches) associated with it. The swath also illustrates the difficulties in conducting verification in a rural area: large areas, where no one may live (as is present west of the highway on the southern portion of the swath).

16 July 2008-Yates County, NY

A great example of what high population denisty and SHAVE verification can accomplish.