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Collaborating Projects

SHAVE 2007 coordinates with and compliments a number of other projects in the Hazardous Weather Testbed.

National Weather Radar Testbed Multi-Purpose Phased Array Radar Demonstration

SHAVE 2007 will provide verification data for storms within 150 km of the MPAR in Norman, OK, when the radar is operating. We will focus on storms that are also being sampled by the SMART radars as part of the DARE and PASSE projects.

NWRT MPAR Demonstration
Realtime MPAR imagery

Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere NetRad Demonstration

If storms are occuring in the CASA NetRad area in Central Oklahoma, we will focus verification data collection in that area.

CASA NetRad Experiment

Hail Size Discrimination Experiment

The KOUN WSR-88D is a demonstration dual-polarimetric radar. SHAVE will collect verification data as possible when storms are within 150 km of KOUN, primarily to aide in dual-pol radar hail size discrimination. The public within 90 miles of Norman, OK are invited to submit their hail size reports to NSSL.

Submit your hail reports in central oklahoma

Experimental Warning Program

The parent project for SHAVE. The EWP has forecaster activities which may require SHAVE-type verification. While EWP projects are occurring, SHAVE will provide the verification data for those projects.

Link: Experimental Warning Program

Multimedia Storm Database

In addition to SHAVE data, we will collect storm reports from the NWS, SPC, and SpotterNetwork to form a robust data source. In addition, we will add multimedia sources (photos, videos, etc.) to the storm database for complete life histories of storms. Everyone is invited to submit their storm photos and damage photos to the link below.

Other Links:

These are links to other storm reporting websites SpotterNetwork