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The 2013 Phased Array Innovative Sensing Experiment (PARISE) runs for six weeks during May 13-July 19.
During PARISE, each week researchers Pam Heinselman and Katie Bowden with work with two National Weather Service forecasters Tuesday through Thursday. Forecasters will work three events observed by the National Weather Radar Tesbed, in simulated real time. Their goal will be to decide whether to warn or not warn, based on the situational awareness gained from the radar data. Our goal will be to help them produce timelines of their warning decision process. Forecaster time lines will be analyzed to determine the situational awareness attained from the PAR data and how that information was used in their warning decisions. The statistical performance, i.e., lead times, POD, POFA, etc., resulting from use of PAR data will also be determined.


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2011 PARISE Operations Plan (.pdf, 1.63 MB)