Lake Titicaca Experiment
January, 2003

Logistics and arrival of participants.

Dinner on January the 1st.
Unloading equipment at Desaguadero. Transporting equipment from Bolivia to Perú.
Juli village.

Group separates equipment at Ilave.

Dinner at Puno, Perú.
Transport of participants to Conima.

Conima station.
Conima landscape.
Pilot balloon sounding.

Local people training.

Local people measuring rainfall.

Sunset close to Moho.

Suazi island.
Conima group. Conima group.

Santa Rosa de Huayllata Station.

Santa Rosa de Huayllata City Hall.

Dr. Douglas and Maruja.


Pilot balloon sounding.
Automatic Station.
Pilot balloon inflation.
Radiosonde equipment.
Typical clothing.

This is how Santa Rosa de Huayllata looks like.

Guaqui station.

Hotel at Guaqui.
Meeting at Guaqui. Meeting at Guaqui.
Pilot balloon tracking.

Tent and equipment.

Raingauge installation at Soto Island.

Soto island.
Raingauge installation. Installation.

Taquile Raingauge Installation.
Raingauge installation.
Girl at Taquile.

Taquile observers.

Finding the right place for a raingauge.

Taquile Island.
Sunset at Lake Titicaca.
Computer problems.

Raingauge installation at Amantani.
Amantaní Island. Transport. Amantaní observer. Installation.

Max-min thermometer installation.
Installation close to Huayllata. Installation close to Ilave. Installation after Ilave.

The last day.

Taraco group.

Lunch coming from Taraco.

Hotel Conde de Lemos Inn.

Lake Experiment t-shirt.