PACS-SONET Workshop at Paraguay
August 2003

Fig.1. Panoramic view from La Quinta, the hotel where we stayed. It is located at approximately 80 km east of Asuncion.

Fig.2. Bungallows at La Quinta.

Fig.3. Swimming pool at La Quinta. We did not use it because the weather was too cold during the whole period (within 37°F and 64°F).

Fig.4. The dinning room where we had all the meals.

Fig.5. A view from one of the bungalows showing the bedroom.

Fig.6. Picture of the participants getting ready to visit the Itaipu reservoir (located on the Paraguayan-Brazilian border) on the day off.

Fig.7. Rosario Douglas and Julian Baez at Itaipu.

Fig.8. Jose Manuel Galvez, Lourdes Rodriguez, Julian Baez and Lina Barrazueta at Itaipu.

Fig.9. Sandra Toval, Lourdes Rodriguez, Lina Barrazueta, Graciela Ulke, Julian Baez and Edwin Rodriguez at Itaipu.

Fig.10. Graciela Ulke, Rosario Douglas, Lina Barrazueta, Lourdes Rodriguez And Sandra Toval at Itaipu.

Fig.11. Larger group at Itaipu.

Fig.12. Group at the Iguazu Waterfalls (Brazil).

Fig.13. Iguazu Waterfalls (Brazilian side). The camera looks towards the south, Where the Argentinean side is located.

Fig.14. Davis Egle at Iguazu.

Fig.15. Mike and Rosario Douglas.

Fig.16. Artistic view of the waterfalls.

Fig.17. Davis Egle and the "Garganta del Diablo" (or "Devil's Throat"), The most impressive part of the waterfalls, at the back.

Fig.18. Rosario Douglas.

Fig.19. The "Garganta del Diablo" and a pier built for tourists.

Fig.20. View of the waterfalls.

Fig.21. Wagner Soarez (Brazil) and a native species.

Fig.22. View of the pier and the waterfalls.

Fig.23. Native species looking for food.