Computer Programs


Here you can find some computer programs useful for the PACS-SONET project. CORRIGE is a computer programs that allows the user to transform the angles obtained by theodolite measurements into wind profiles. It also allows the user to correct simple errors that occur when reading the acimutal or elevation angles within others. This program is an executable. It can be run using WINDOWS. TERMINAL is a computer program created for radiosonde users. This programs allows the user to view the radiosonde observations in real time as well as record them into a text file. It is also an executable and can be run from WINDOWS. The Program for Pilot Balloon Ascent Rate Calculation allows the user to calculate the ascent rate of a balloon when performing double theodolite launches. It briefly describes the procedure that should be followed to make these tests. This program is on an EXCEL format. Click on any of the following links to download the programs.



Program for Pilot Balloon Ascent Rate Calculation