This project is supported by the Pan American Climate Studies (PACS) program, which is funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA's) Office of Global Programs.

This project has been possible only because of the help of many people, which makes it difficult to have a comprehensive list of the individuals in each country. We sincerely thank everyone who has helped - even if their names do not appear below.


At NSSL Sandra Allen has helped with the logistics of shipping, transfers of funds, travel arrangements and many other complications relating to the project's activities.

Harrie Cherry, Ailyn Hickson and Heather Flannagan from the NOAA Finance Office in Washington DC have helped on very many occasions with the numerous funds transfers to the different countries that make up the network.

Rosario Douglas has informally helped on many occasions in both office-related work and in the field activities, as most participants in these activities are aware.


Since 1999 we have been working with AASANA in Bolivia. We thank Roberto Catacora and Celso Delgado for their valuable help in coordinating the operation of the 6 pilot balloon stations in Bolivia. We also thank the AASANA staff in the 6 locations were observations are being made. There are very, very many individuals involved throughout Bolivia - you know who you are!


We have continued to work with the CIOH in Cartagena. Alejandro Muņos, Gabriel Diaz, Enrique de La Espriella and Oscar Linares, Wilmer Cardenas have been our contacts.


We continue to work with INAMHI and we thank Gustavo Garcia (INAMHI's director) and Antonio Rodriguez also from INAMHI for their help coordinating the station at San Cristobal in the Galapagos.


We continue to work with the Mexican Navy and our contacts in recent years have been:

Vice-admiral SIA IN Edgar F. Narro y Quesada (General Director of Research and Development), Teniente de Navio CG Juan Manuel Caballero and Teniente de Navio CG Arturo Caracas. There are many individuals at the various sites who continue to perform an excellent service.


We continue to work with Nicaragua. In recent years we have worked with Javier Lopez (formerly at INETER) and most recently our contacts are : Mauricio Rosales, Saul Flores and Sandra Toval.


We continue to work with the University of Piura and our contact there is Ing. Luis Flores.

In recent years we have also started to work with SENAMHI whose director, General Willar Gamarra Molina, has been very supportive. We also thanks Carmen Reyes and Sebastian Zuņiga from SENAMHI, for their help establishing pilot balloon stations. A number of other members of SENAMHI continue to help in different manners.


In 1999 two pilot balloon stations were established in Paraguay. We thank former director Henry Valiente and Benjamin Grassi from the DINAC who facilitated our work establishing these stations. We also thank Agustin Zarate, Eduardo Mingo, Lourdes Rodriguez, Julian Baez, Oscar Rodriguez, Raul Rodas, Victor Mosqueda and other DINAC staff for their help running the station.

Fernando Pio Barrios from the Asuncion's National University also helped during the SALLJEX raingauge deployment in Paraguay.

Also, the WMO office for the Americas in Paraguay must be thanked for valuable support in assisting in funds transfers and other activities.


In 2000 we started working with the Venezuela Weather Service, associated with the Air Force (SEMETAVIA). We thank the director Coronel Andres Eloi Mijares, and Hernando Noguera the former head of the forecast office. Our thanks also to Julio Cabanerit and Arnaldo Lugo for their continuous help in running the stations. The observers are also to be thanked heartfully for their professional efforts in making the observations.

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