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NAMMA Material - International Summer School. Kumasi, Ghana

Dr. Michael Douglas Presentations:

Cloud Frequency from MODIS imagery
North Africa Modis sectors - From 2005 to June 2008

MODIS is the sensor onboard NASA's Aqua and Terra satellites. Both satellites orbit the Earth from pole to pole. MODIS-Terra sees the Earth during the morning (10:30 am local time), while MODIS-Aqua orbits the Earth in the early afternoon (1:30pm local time).

Mean cloud frequencies were calculated for May-October period. It was also calculated the cloud frequency of the difference between Aqua and Terra (Aqua-Terra) which represents the difference between the afternoon and morning cloudiness.

Synoptic Maps for Mean Winds
NAMMA period - August and September 2006

The Mean Winds were calculated from the AMMA radiosonde data. The number of observations per station is not homogeneous, some stations have more data than others in the same period of time.

00Z: 925mb, 850mb, 700mb, 400mb, 300mb, 200mb
12Z: 925mb, 850mb, 700mb, 400mb, 300mb, 200mb