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Our contribution to the AMMA activities:

Second International AMMA Conference
Upgrading the pilot balloon network in West Africa
The second AMMA conference was held in Karlsruhe, Germany between 26th and 30th of November 2007. This is the powerpoint presentation by Michael Douglas, summarizing our experience in strengthening the pilot balloon network in West Africa prior to NAMMA and the implications of this activity for future AMMA observations and research.

2008 Summer School in Africa Meteorology and Climate Science
NAMMA material for the short course - Dr. Douglas presentations
The Ewiem Nimdie Summer School forms part of the AMMA programme in Training and Capacity-Building. It will be held in Kumasi, Ghana, from 21st July to 1st August, 2008.

NAMMA Summary Report
Strengthen the upper-air network in West Africa
A NSSL group, consisting of Dr. Michael Douglas, PACS-SONET coordinator Javier Murillo, and two University of Oklahoma graduate students (Jose Galvez and John Mejia) traveled to Senegal,Mali, Mauritania and Guinea. The intention was to determine the current status of the sounding network, and establish additional upper-air stations.