MODIS Climatology for IASCLIP
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The map is showing all possible MODIS sectors into IASCLIP domain. Cloud Difference was calculated from monthly means, showing as a percentage which areas have more/less cloudiness in certain months (blue/red). For example, taking the Terra+Aqua (morning+afternoon) average for July and June, it was calculated the difference July-June. The blue areas show more cloudiness in July and red areas show more cloudiness in June. For more information about the estimation of cloudiness from MODIS imagery please refer to our Cloud Climatology Project.
Summer diurnal cycle insights for some MODIS sectors
CAmerica_2_04 CAmerica_3_04 SERVIR_Mexico AERONET_Dry_Tortugas
Composite mosaic for sectors with
Long Periods: Short Periods:
July-June (July+August)-(June+September) July-June (July+August)-(June+September)
Composite mosaic for USA and Caribbean sectors
Semestral mean (May to October) of Aqua+Terra for USA sectors (5-8). Cloud Difference: Aqua-Terra
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