CORRIGE program to process pilot balloon data

Pilot balloon observations using a theodolite produce angle data which needs to be converted into wind data. This process can be done using different methods. Thanks to the efforts of Jose Luis Carrasco from the Mexican Weather Service and Doug Kennedy from the National Severe Storms Laboratory, we have developed a software that eases the calculation of winds from theodolite angle data. The CORRIGE program is an executable that can be run in almost every computer using WINDOWS or DOS operating systems. To run it you need to create a folder, download the software here and place it inside the folder you created, place a file with time and angle information in the same folder, and double-click the file "CPP2.exe" to run the software. More information about the use of corrige can be found on the CORRIGE TUTORIAL .

  • Link to the CORRIGE tutorial

  • Link to the CORRIGE software

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