Tropospheric measurements over
the Arequipa, Peru region May 2006

Experimental design
Pilot balloon data
Radiosonde data
Tethersonde data
Averages and plots
Preliminary conclusions
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Radiosonde Data

Only 4 radiosonde soudings were made at La Pampilla during the field program. These were made on May 16 at 03 UTC, May 16 at 08 UTC, May 16 at 12 UTC and May 17 at 14 UTC. Balloons of 100gm size were used to launch the radiosondes, which ascended to approximately 20 km altitude.

Access the data (4 files) from La Pampilla

  • 2006051603_cln.txt
  • 2006051608_cln.txt
  • 2006051612_cln.txt
  • 2006051614_cln.txt

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