Tropospheric measurements over
the Arequipa, Peru region May 2006

Experimental design
Pilot balloon data
Radiosonde data
Tethersonde data
Averages and plots
Preliminary conclusions
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Pilot Balloon Data

Pilot balloon soundings were made every 2 hours in 3 stations (see map). The table to the right summarizes the coordinates od the pilot balloon stations operated. The pilot balloon wind profiles are available through the following links for each station:

Station Latitude Longitude Altitude
La Pampilla -16.401° -71.518° 2370 m
La Joya -16.774° -71.889° 1202 m
Pampa de Majes -16.335° -72.145° 1505 m

Data Access

  • La Pampilla
  • La Joya
  • Pampa de Majes

    Data download per station (Compressed - ZIP - Files)
  • La Pampilla
  • La Joya
  • Pampa de Majes