Tropospheric measurements over
the Arequipa, Peru region May 2006

Experimental design
Pilot balloon data
Radiosonde data
Tethersonde data
Averages and plots
Preliminary conclusions
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Averages and plots

Data plots and averages are here presented through the following links.

Thermodynamic profiles

  • La Pampilla tethersonde soundings, one by one.

    Wind profiles
  • Series de tiempo de La Pampilla.
  • Series de tiempo de La Joya.
  • Series de tiempo de Pampa de Majes.

    Wind profile averages (data)
  • La Pampilla: ALL AM PM
  • La Joya:ALL AM PM
  • Pampa de Majes:ALL AM PM

    Wind profile averages (meridional wind plots)
  • La Pampilla
  • La Joya
  • Pampa de Majes

    Maps for different levels
  • Averaged over the entire dataset
  • Only AM
  • Only PM
  • PM-AM