Data from field experiments we have participated in

The following data from Field Experiments we have participated in is available:

SALLJEX NOAA P3 Aircraft Data (Jan-Feb 2003)
SALLJEX Pilot Balloon Data from Field Campaign (Nov-May 2002-3)
SALLJEX Upper Air Synoptic Maps (Nov-May 2002-3)
SALLJEX Vertical Profiles of Averaged Low-Level Jet Events (Nov-May 2002-3)
ALTIPLANO Lake Titicaca Region Daily Rainfall Data (Nov-May 2002-3)
ALTIPLANO Salar de Uyuni Experiment Datasets (Nov 2002)
ALTIPLANO Lake Titicaca Experiment Datasets (Jan 2003)
NAME Pilot Balloon Data (May-Sep 2004)
NAME Height vs Time Figures (May-Sep 2004)
NAME NAME P3 Data (Jul-Aug 2004)
SWAMP AND EMVER Data from SWAMP and EMVER (1990, 1993)
AREQUIPA EXPERIMENT Pilot Balloon Data (May 2006)
AREQUIPA EXPERIMENT Radiosonde Data (May 2006)
AREQUIPA EXPERIMENT Tethersonde Data (May 2006)
LLANOJET EXPERIMENT Upper Air Data (March 2005)
LLANOJET EXPERIMENT Reanalysis Data (March 2005)
INOCAR CRUISE Radiosonde Data (October 2005)
NAMMA Dropsonde Data (October 2006)

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