Screen captures of powersonde flight on 01/24/2002

These images show the display on the laptop during a powersonde flight. The text information is in the upper right part of the screen, a plot of height versus time is presented in the lower left portion of the screen , and a position plot of the plane (updated every second) occupies the right-center part of the screen. The plane's orientation (heading) is shown schematically by the yellow aircraft symbol.

The text information gives the latitude and longitude of the home point, heading calculated from successive GPS positions, battery voltage, the number of telemetry reports and the number of missed reports, the calculated ground speed (from GPS position estimates), the altitude in feet, the range (distance from home point) in km, and various other engineering/flight parameters. An estimate of the temperature inside the powersonde is also given (not from the radiosonde). The pitot tube measurements gives an estimate of the airspeed. The highest altitude during the ascent is given as Max altitude.

[Download a movie of this flight: (~1MB)]

Figure 01 shows the tight spiraling during the ascent phase. The centers of the circles are about 200m southwest of the home point.

Figure 02 shows that during the descent phase larger excursions are possible from the home point, in this case about 700m from home. However, the powersonde returns towards home.

Figure 03 shows that the larger loops continue during descent, but navigation continues to be performed about the home point.