Pilot Balloon SALLJEX

Average LLJ Events During SALLJEX (NOV/2002 - FEB/2003) - Vertical Profiles

Just click over the map on the station you desire to check the average pilot balloon soundings during SALLJEX.

The average was performed during the SALLJEX experiment (NOV/2002 - FEB/2003) and extracting only days with LLJ events. LLJ events were extracted taking into account low level N and NW relative strong wind from the stations BRB, COB, TRI, SCZ, ROB, EST, ASU, JVG, PAM, SIS, SGO, TOS, PAR and CBA. The criteria was refined averaging over common days when at least 10 of these stations showed the same pattern. Although, the stations not listed above were averaged during the LLJ events, they were not taken into account to extract LLJ events. Every station shows the vertical distribution of the wind magnitude (m s-1) at 1200 UTC and 2100 UTC. Barbs (knots) and number of observations found are also plotted for these two sub-samples.

Average LLJ Events During SALLJEX (NOV/2002 - FEB/2003) - Horizontal Charts

AM (12 UTC):

PM (21 UTC):


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