Author of report: Mike Douglas

Mission Number: 030206I

Type of Mission: low-level jet

Start time of Mission(UTC): 2003/02/06 11:55

End time of Mission(UTC): 2003/02/06 19:49

This flight sampled conditions associated with a moderate LLJ centered over southern Bolivia and western Paraguay. Flight initially tracked northwest from Santa Cruz to sample conditions approaching Santa Cruz region. Then flight proceeded southeast along standard track and then southwestward to near Villamontes. The flight then proceeded SEward again before turning north and then back to Santa Cruz. Most of flight involved porpoising between 300m AGL and 10,000 ft (~695 mb). Some constant-level legs south and north of Santa Cruz were flown at 500ft MSL (~840 mb). Maximum winds observed were near 50 kt over northwestern Paraguay and then again over Santa Cruz at end of flight. Sharp wind gradient along inbound leg to Santa Cruz at end of flight - winds increased from 15 to 50 kt over about 150 km. Jet deep over western Paraguay - 40 kt winds at 700 mb.