Author of report: Mike Douglas

Mission Number: 030124I

Type of Mission: cold surge/front

Start time of Mission(UTC): 2003/01/24 10:53

End time of Mission(UTC): 2003/01/24 18:24

Mission called to investigate strong (from model forecasts) cold surge east of Andes. Winds over Viru-Viru on climbout reached 55 kts, thereafter flight sampled (mostly via porpoising between 1000 and 10000 ft) southeasterly flow at low levels. Extensive stratiform rain was present over the northern part of the track, which extended to 11S - almost to the Brazilian border near Cobija. Low clouds over portions of the track often prevented 1000 ft AGL from being reached, and data system problem resulted in about 30 min of lost data (mostly while plane was in spiral holding pattern). Flight accomplished main objectives of describing southerly surge; quick look at data suggests that model forecasts were reasonably good in describing flow, though some details were missing.